What Are the Different Types of Paddle Board Wetsuits Available on the Market?

June 15, 2022 3 min read

What are the different types of paddle board wetsuits on the market? These wetsuits are designed to protect you from cold water and allow you to move freely. Whether you are going to be paddle boarding in cold weather or hot water, you will need to choose the right suit for the climate.

OMGear Wetsuit

OMGear paddle board wetsuits are made with three-mm neoprene for maximum heat retention and UV protection. They also feature a mock turtleneck that rolls up to minimize water inflow. OMGear wetsuits run a little small, so you may want to buy one size larger than what you usually wear. The neoprene material is also stretchy, so you can move freely and stay warm while wearing them.

Wetsuits can also reduce resistance to water. The material is unified and smooth, so it helps paddle boarders to float more easily. Because of this, wetsuits reduce the need for excessive water weight. Wetsuits are also a good choice for paddle boarders who live in colder climates, because they provide warmth and buoyancy to keep them upright. However, you should be aware that paddle board wetsuits aren't for everyone.

Smoothskin Neoprene

When choosing a paddle board wetsuit, it is essential to look for a high-quality neoprene model. A 3mm full suit will give you plenty of warmth without sacrificing protection, but it will also be a bit stiffer. If you paddle in cold water, you'll want to invest in a 5-6mm full suit. This type of wetsuit is also made from breathable Smoothskin Neoprene material and has internal battery-powered heat-trapping heaters.

While the neoprene paddle board wetsuits look great and feel great, they can cause chafing and pinching. For this reason, it's important to select a wetsuit with a good fit, particularly at the knee joints and elbows. A wetsuit designed for paddle boarding is also lightweight. Three-mm neoprene can provide extra buoyancy in the water and make swimming easier.

CtriLady Wetsuit

The CtriLady women's paddle board wetsuit is a versatile jack of all trades. Its 1.5mm thick fabric keeps cold water from getting in while leaving a thin layer of water on your body. This helps you stay warm while keeping the water between you and your wetsuit calm. The top can be easily worn on and off and has a front zipper and foot-stepping design for easy on and off.

The CtriLady Wetsuit is made of 3 layers of neoprene and polyester for maximum comfort and coverage. It is designed with a snug, glove-tight fit. The 1.5mm neoprene is highly flexible and has anti-slip knee pads to prevent slipping and a back zipper with a leash. This wetsuit is available in women's and men's sizes and has a wide variety of sizes to fit all shapes and body types.

Hyperflex Full Body Wetsuit

The Hyperflex Full Body Wetsuit is a great, affordable option for anyone looking to improve their swimming abilities. The suit has 3mm of insulation throughout, is lightweight, and has stretch knee pads to prevent discomfort and provide mobility while wearing the wetsuit. This wetsuit comes in both women's and men's sizes, so you can find the best fit for your body type. If you want to buy a wetsuit for yourself or as a gift, consider the Hyperflex Cyclone 4/3.

This wetsuit is designed with thermal insulation in mind. The 3mm of neoprene provides excellent thermal protection and mobility. It features an anatomical fit that fits both men and women comfortably. It also features knee pads to help with flexibility, and a back zipper for easy entry and exit. Both men and women can wear this wetsuit in a variety of water temperatures. The Hyperflex Full Body Wetsuit is available in two different thicknesses: 2.5mm and 3mm.

Seaskin Shorty Wetsuit

If you're looking for a stand up paddle board wetsuit, the Seaskin Shorty is a great choice. It features 3 layers of fabric for a skin-fit that stays tight on your body. The 3mm thickness of the neoprene provides excellent heat insulation and exceptional stretchability. Its front zipper is a plus, and the wetsuit is lined with flatlock seams. The knee pads feature silicone printing for additional protection.

It is also made from a heavy-duty YKK zipper that won't rust or wear out. An extra-long leash makes it easy to zip and unzip the suit without slipping. You can even slide out of the suit in the water without having to remove it, which is helpful when you're paddling in warm weather. While this wetsuit isn't the most flexible, it will protect you from overheating and chafing in cold weather.

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