How to Measure For a Full Body Wetsuit

June 15, 2022 3 min read

How to measure for a full body wetsuit? The first step in choosing the correct size is knowing your chest circumference. This is known as the chest size and is measured under the armpits near the nipple line. To measure the chest circumference, you need a rope or a flexible tape measure. Then, take an average of the chest circumference when you inhale and exhale.

Size Guide

Most wetsuits are made of neoprene material, which is both flexible and adaptable. It should fit close to your regular clothing size. Some brands, like O'Neill, provide a size guide for men and women. They also offer a variety of sizes, including large, extra-large, petite, and tall. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a wetsuit.

To figure out the right size, the chest circumference should be taken. This is usually measured under the armpits at the nipple line. Use a flexible tape measure or rope to determine your chest circumference. Try to breathe as deeply as possible as you'll be wearing the wetsuit. After you have measured your chest, mark it on a chart. Remember, you can change the measurements later if you need to.


Wetsuits have many useful accessories. The primary purpose of a wetsuit is thermal insulation, as it prevents rapid loss of body heat when submerged in water. Other secondary functions include buoyancy and protection from environmental hazards. They are typically used for water sports and activities such as sea rescue operations. Accessories for a full body wetsuit include hoods, gloves, and boots. Listed below are some important pieces of clothing that you should have when buying a wetsuit.

Wetsuits come in two-piece designs, which means that they can be worn separately in mild conditions and together in colder conditions. The thickness of the suits is typically 10-14 mm for the torso and 5-7 mm for the limbs. A wetsuit made of 3mm neoprene is a good choice for most people. This material is flexible and offers protection from wind, heat, and cold.

Neoprene Wetsuits

How to Measure for a Full Body Neoprene Wetsuit? Wetsuits are generally made of a flexible material called neoprene. They are designed to fit like a second skin and provide a degree of freedom of movement. The body size of your wetsuit should be the same as the body measurements in your measurements. If your suit is too big, the neoprene will stretch and cause the suit to be uncomfortable.

Full body winter wetsuits are usually 5/3mm thick. The first number represents the thickness of the torso while the second and third numbers are the thickness of the arms and extremities. The middle number represents the thickness of the thighs. The torso area is thinner than the arms and legs, so make sure to measure for these as well. Make sure you check for any stretch or ruffle issues in the area of your wetsuit.

Women's Wetsuit Sizing Guide

A wetsuit's size is critical for comfort, fit, and performance. While wetsuit sizing varies by brand, brands like O'Neill generally follow standard sizing for men and women. Regardless of the brand, wetsuit sizing charts are helpful starting points. But if you're buying a women's wetsuit, make sure you consult the brand's specific sizing guide for advice on the correct size.

Wetsuit sizing is not the same as clothing sizes, so be sure to measure your body before buying. Some brands begin at size '2,' while others start at a size "4". That means that a size four jeans will fit into a size 8 wetsuit and vice versa. If you're in between sizes, you may want to go up a size to get the right fit.

Buying Guide

Purchasing a full body wetsuit can be a daunting task for many people. With so many options available, how do you know which one is right for you? There are a few factors to consider before you make a final purchase, including the water temperature and personal preferences. If you are going to be in the water for extended periods, flexibility is a critical factor. In addition, comfort is crucial for long periods of time. Look for designs that minimize chafing and ensure that they're comfortable to wear. You can also check different types of paddle board wetsuits or using diving drysuits for kayaking.

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