Do You Know Who Are Famous Wake Surfers?

August 16, 2022 3 min read

Do you know the names of famous surfers who surf in the wake? These people are usually ocean creatures who love the challenge of surfing. In this article, I will name three famous riders: Gary Warren, Shawn Watson, and John Akerman. If you have never heard of these people, I highly recommend checking them out. They are a great inspiration to many and have done great things in the wake surf community.

John Akerman

Known for his style of surfing, the 21-year-old is quickly becoming one of the most famous wake surfing riders. He has won several championships and has even been named the World Wakesurf Champion for 2018. John Akerman has already felt right at home on the Super Air Nautique G23 this season. The world wakesurfing community is excited to see what this young pro can do next!

This year's event saw a new Nautique G23, the first ever event boat. Akerman edged out last year's World Champion Jake Caster in the Men's Pro skim final. The Worlds are held in various locations around the world. The event's location at Robin Lake is an ideal venue for pro wakesurf competitions. While there were a few sexy outfits on the water, the boat itself was the highlight of the event.

Despite having a relatively small following, Akerman is not only a top rider but also one of the world's most versatile. His MVP skimboard is the ultimate wake surfing board. It features dual kicktails and full EVA pads on the deck. It is based on the Matrix skimboard and is the same size as the old one, but features an extra-thick profile and grab channels.

Shawn Watson

After a successful wakeboarding career in Australia, Shawn Watson moved to Southern California. There, he teaches wakeboarding and wakesurfing on the Liquid Force boats. He also enjoys snowboarding and golf. One of the best ways to catch his show is to subscribe to his YouTube channel. This will enable you to follow his progress and learn how he achieves such success.

Even though Shawn Watson is still relatively young, he has already achieved tremendous success. At the age of fifteen, he won the first stop of the Florida X-Cup, beating veteran wakeboarding competitors. He is the only rider to perform corkscrew 720s off the wake. Although Watson doesn't have much to say about his riding style, he has already earned a lot of attention in a short time.

A recent event was called Loch Stock, where the legendary wakeboarder teamed up with the world's best wakeboarders to compete. In addition to the professional competition, Watson's coaching sessions at the event are open to all levels of wakeboarding. He spoke to the crowd, encouraging people to learn from each other. He was impressed by the level of riding at Loch Stock, where the crowd was a mix of novice and pro wakeboarders.

Gary Warren

If you're looking for the world's most famous wake surfing rider, Gary Warren might be the rider for you. Born in California, Warren is an experienced water skier and wake surfer. After a brief career as a show skier, he traveled to Florida to work for legendary wakesurfer Dick Pope Sr. Before heading to Cypress Gardens, Warren had tried wakesurfing and decided to make it his profession.

Today, wake surfing is a sport that has exploded onto the scene, as well as wakeskating. Wakes are huge and specific equipment is used. The sport began with a surfing icon named Duke Kahanmoku, who was widely hailed as the first wake surfer. Dewey Weber, another surf legend, was also said to have practiced wakesurfing in the 1950s. The sport has become a major part of recreational activities in the United States, where it has reached the status of a professional sport.

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