Do You Really Need Wax if You Have Traction Pads?

August 16, 2022 2 min read

Traffic Pads versus Surfboard Wax: Do you really need both? There is some controversy surrounding these two products, so let's take a closer look at their different functions and benefits. A Traffic pad can improve your ride by absorbing energy from your board and your feet. However, it also sacrifices umph for your turns.

Surfboard Traction Pads

To remove your surfboard's traction pad, you must carefully lift the board in one piece. Pulling the board apart piece by piece will leave glue marks and it may delaminate the deck. The glue weakens when exposed to high temperatures. If you are not sure how to do this properly, use a blow dryer to heat the location of traction pad. A steak knife or razor blade is not recommended.

After applying the traction pad, you should let it dry for two to four hours. Once the traction pad is dry, you can hit the waves. However, you should not sand the board. Rather, you should apply the trackpad before hitting the waves. To make the application process easier, you can use tissue paper, glass/hard surface cleaner, and a knife. You should wait at least two or four hours before hitting the waves.

Surfboard Wax Versus Traction Pads

A big debate rages over which is better for your surfboard: Surfboard Wax or Traction Pads? One important consideration is the amount of time you spend surfing. While wax will last for decades, traction pads are easy to apply and can last for the life of the board. The main benefit of wax is that it won't collect debris and may be more environmentally friendly than traction pads.

Another debate centers around the placement of tail patches. Depending on where you place them, traction pads may be more appropriate for your tail patch. The tail patch offers a reference for where to place your back foot. In addition, wax allows for greater freedom to move your front foot. Traction pads are usually made with a notch cut out for a leash plug. However, these are not necessary for beginners or soft surfboards.

Traffic Pads Vs Surfboard Wax

When it comes to surfboard wax, the debate is often a tough one to decide between traffic pads and surfboard wax. Both can provide great traction, but they have different benefits. Wax has a higher melting point than traction pads, but traction pads can be more difficult to remove from your surfboard. In order to remove the traction pads, you should use a razor blade or acetone. You can also use nail polish remover to remove the sticky bits.

However, some surfers insist on waxing their surfboards, saying that the only way to get traction is to wax. Others believe that traction pads take away the challenge of surfing. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Some surfers swear by waxing, and believe traction pads take away the challenge. For them, using wax is the way to go. Despite the controversy, many surfers prefer the traction pads, and they can help prevent slipping, too.

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