What is the Trackpad on a Surfboard for?

August 16, 2022 4 min read

If you have never seen a surfboard with a trackpad, it's a great idea to know what it does. These little devices keep your feet on the board while surfing, and they also provide a grippy surface. Fortunately, there's a quick and easy way to install them yourself. Listed below are some important facts about these useful gadgets.

Traction Pads Help Keep Your Feet in Place

The purpose of traction pads on a surfboard is to keep your feet in place while you're surfing.Traction pads are placed that way that they are providing additional traction when your foot slams down on the traction pad. A raised arch is more comfortable when you're slamming down the back foot, but limits your movement and makes transitions around the tail harder. A kick, on the other hand, prevents your rear foot from kicking off the board during turns. High kicks are ideal for aggressive surfers, but a 20-degree kick is appropriate for everyday surfing.

Traction pads also help you locate your feet properly on a surfboard, which is essential for staying upright. A short board has less room for error when it comes to foot placement, so having traction pads on the back of the board is important. Short boards also tend to have a smaller margin for error when it comes to foot placement, so the traction pads are a great way to help you find your feet without relying on your instincts.

They Provide a Grippy Surface

A surfboard's trackpads provide a grippy surface. Trackpads have an arch that is about 30mm high and is meant to keep your foot in place. They are also very light, which is beneficial for more aggressive moves. When fitting a surfboard grip, make sure that you remove the existing grip before applying the new one. If it's still too tight, use contact cement to secure the grip in place.

When installing traction pads, you don't need to sand the board before applying them. You do not even need to wait 24 hours before hitting the waves! Depending on the size of the surfboard, you may have to remove the entire pad. To fix this, you can try applying silicone rubber cement or wax. However, you must remember that some glues require you to remove the entire pad first.

They Don't Need Wax

A great way to reduce your surfboard's wax budget is by installing traction pads. These are simply large, padded stickers that stick to the tail area of your surfboard. They're also an excellent choice for beginners because they can help improve your stance. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, these traction pads can help keep you on the water longer.

Surfboards that have traction pads don't need wax, but you should make sure they stay on the board. This is a better choice if you want to prevent your board from peeling after a few surfs. Traction pads are more expensive than surf wax, but they tend to last longer. Another option is to use a special deck grip sticker. These can be a good alternative to surf wax.

They Are Easy to Install

Installing trackpads on a surfboard is not a difficult process. To install these pads, you must spread the pads apart and place them over the fins. Then, you should carefully peel off the backing of the pads. Once you have traced the position of the fins, you can press the pads on the board. Be sure to line up the pads so that they stick perfectly.

First, you must remove the old grips. Peel back the grip pads so that you can access the part of the board that the pad will cover. Once you have done this, use contact cement to stick the new grips on. You must make sure that you do not touch the pads with the cement while it dries. If the glue does not dry, it is time to remove the grip.

They Don't Need to Be Heated

There are several ways to install trackpads on a surfboard. They don't need to be heated and don't have to be placed on a board over a flame. Before you use these trackpads, you should remove any wax residue that may have been left on the board. You can do this using hot water, a blow dryer, or a comb. To install the pads, you need to peel off the backing and align the pads over the fins. You should then press the pads onto the board and make sure to align the edges of the traced position.

You can buy traction pads in a variety of colors. All of them have water-resistant materials and are non-slip. The type you purchase will depend on your personal preference and comfort. Unlike skateboards, you won't have to heat the trackpads on your surfboard. However, it's a good idea to use the heat-resistant version if you're going to be surfing for long hours.

They Can Get in the Way When Walking a Longboard

There are several pros and cons to using trackpads on a longboard. The downside is that they can get in the way when walking up the board. Walking up the board with a trackpad means you have to step up, which can be dangerous on a wave. Additionally, it creates two different walking surfaces, making it difficult to maintain traction under your feet. You will likely step up a few times during each walk, which can lead to an embarrassing fall.

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