Does the Dryer Ruin Bras?

May 19, 2022 4 min read

Fashion trends come and go. But the expensive lingerie will always be hot. Victoria`s Secret is a huge brand, but you may wonder why are there no swimsuits in VS stores. They still do have all the other underwear and accessories that you are used to. And having a VS bra says a lot about someone`s style. You should learn how to take care of sensitive lingerie so it can last longer. Is using a dryer harmful to your bra? The following article will shed some light on the subject. You'll learn how the dryer can damage the delicate fabric and the clasp. You'll also learn how to avoid damaging your bras by hand. This will ensure that you get the most out of your investment. Listed below are some tips that will help keep your bras looking new.

Using a Dryer to Wash and Dry Bras

Often times, using a dryer to wash and dry bras is unnecessary. Dryers are too hot for delicate bras and can damage elastic and fabric. Plus, different materials in a bra contract and expand at different rates. The heat from the dryer can cause tension and stretch in the fabric. Furthermore, if you're washing bras by hand, you're likely to use excess water, which will stretch the bras. If you did not follow the instructions and ended up with ruined bra, you should go and buy a new one. Victoria`s Secret offers a great deal of bras, but before purchasing you should learn about VS item return policy so if you have chosen a wrong size you can go and change it.

While many people use a dryer to clean their bras, this technique is actually damaging to your bras. Besides damaging them, it can also decrease their lifespan. When used properly, using a dryer to wash and dry bras can extend the life of a bra by about a year. Here are five basic guidelines to remember when you use a dryer to clean your bras. We hope that you'll find these tips helpful!

Damage to Delicate Fabrics

The tumbling action of a dryer can cause significant damage to delicate fabrics. Cotton fabrics are most susceptible to damage when tumbled while they are still wet, which is why most dryers have a warm-up phase in which they heat up and tumble. After partially drying, however, they should not be tumbled, as this will cause more damage. The damage caused by the tumbling action is cumulative, as it causes tiny tears in the fibers of the fabric. Eventually, the damage can be so severe that the fabric can fall apart.

While washing and drying wet items is the most convenient option, high heat can weaken delicate fabrics, causing them to shrink and fade. The longer the cycle, the greater the risk of damage. To avoid damaging delicate fabrics, always set the dryer on a low tumble cycle, or choose the Normal cycle for everyday laundering. You can also choose the low tumble dryer setting for softer, durable fabrics. When selecting the correct setting for your dryer, make sure you select the appropriate cycle length.

Today everyone is talking about environment and lots of brands encourage their customers to participate in green programs. You might ask yourself if Victoria`s Secret buys back used bras so you will know what to do with that old piece of underwear that you no longer need. You should still take care of your lingerie so it will stay in shape.

Damage to Elastics

When you dry your clothing, heat and moisture can cause damage to elastics. To prevent damaging your clothes, try hanging the garment with any elastic parts towards the ground. You can also use a low heat setting to preserve the elastics' bounce. After washing your clothing, you can line dry it to prolong their life. When possible, hang it out of direct sunlight to keep the elastics in good shape. Also, avoid using your dryer on the highest heat setting.

Heat is another reason why elastics wear out. Heat from the dryer damages the elastic bands, which will stretch and lose their elasticity. Heat and tumbling stretch the banding material. You should follow the instructions for specific underwear. In addition, they will separate the layers, melt rubber, and distort performance fabrics. To avoid this, you should always air-dry your garments instead of using the dryer. In some cases, this will cause your clothes to be too small. When you buy new bras, try to carefully wash it so they will keep their shape. 

Damage to Clasp

If the latch on your dryer has become damaged, the best way to determine whether it needs replacement is to open and close the door a few times to listen for a click. Gently pull the door open and close to visually inspect any damage. If the door doesn't latch, replace the entire assembly. Damage to the clasp or drum support could also be a sign that it needs replacement. Then, follow these steps to properly replace the clasp or drum support.

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