How Can I Make My Kids' Shorts Without a Pattern?

September 01, 2022 3 min read

You can make a pair of shorts for your kid without a pattern if you know how to sew a waistband and pocket. Here are the steps to follow. First, you should make the waistband about one and a half inches wide. Then, you should place elastic inside. Fold over the waistband twice and stitch it down. Lastly, you should make the bottom cuffs by folding them over twice and sewing them down.

How to Make Children's Shorts Without a Pattern

If you want to make shorts for your kids or toddler without a pattern, here are some steps that will help you create them. First, cut a pattern piece out of the fabric that fits your child's waist. It should be about an inch wider than the child's waist measurement. Fold over the bottom of the pattern by an inch and mark the back with a pen or pin. Alternatively, you can upcycle an old T-shirt to make shorts for your child. Then, fold over the bottom part of the pattern by an inch and stitch it down.

Now that you have the pattern, it's time to cut the fabric. First, measure the original shorts. Then, fold the fabric in half on the right side. Place the cut out piece on the right side. Then, cut the fabric with an extra inch all around it, leaving an extra two inches above the elastic. Next, you can mark the shape of the shorts with the fabric marker.

Next, you'll sew an elastic waistband on the shorts. It's important to get the right size, so make sure that the elastic band is at least two inches larger than the shorts' waist. Then, sew the elastic band on the waistband using a zigzag stitch. You'll notice that it's easier to make the shorts than you thought.

Adding a Waistband and Pockets

Adding a waistband and pockets to your kids' shorts is easy, but you may not have a pattern. In this article I'll show you how to make a pattern for your shorts. To start, you'll need to cut a piece of fabric for the front and the back. Fold the fabric in half and then cut off the corner of one of the leg pieces. Repeat with the other leg piece.

Then, cut a rectangle with a width of four inches. The width of your waistband should be about twice as long as the front of your shorts. Remember to leave a couple of inches at the bottom to make room for the elastic. The finished product should have a waistband and pockets. This way, the pockets will always face the front. You can also sew a pocket into your shorts.

To make the pockets, you should begin by matching the pocket seam with the front of the shorts. Fold the bottom edge of the pocket piece up and press. Then, line the pocket up along the front. Sew the pocket onto the shorts, making sure to match up the front and back. If you want to make the pocket look professional, use a serger instead of a sewing machine.

Making a Pair of Shorts Without a Pattern

If you're new to sewing for kids, making a pair of shorts is a great project for beginners. The process takes just one hour and costs a few dollars per pair. Plus, kids grow out of shorts quickly! There's no need to buy expensive patterns when you can create your own. It is a great way to save money since your children will only wear them for one season.

First, you will need some fabric and an elastic. Make sure you have enough material to make a pair of shorts with a waistband that can be pulled up easily. Next, you'll need a pair of scissors. You'll need to cut the fabric into equal-sized strips for your child's waist. Once you have your measurements, cut the elastic to fit. You should leave about three inches of fabric showing so that the elastic is hidden inside. Sew the elastic across the fabric several times.

The waistband will need to be made of elastic. You can easily make one by cutting two strips of fabric. Fold one piece over to hide the raw edges and then pin the other one in the center. Make sure the elastic is taut but not too tight. After that, sew the shorts together with the waistband. Make sure that you fold the bottom cuffs twice before sewing them.

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