How Do I Know if My Paddle Board Is Fully Inflated?

July 27, 2022 3 min read

Inflatable paddle boards are similar to regular SUP boards, so the only real difference is the type of air they contain. Inflatable paddle boards should be stored properly and inflated only when needed. As an inflatable SUP board will naturally lose air, you should learn how to deflate it properly before storing it in storage. Here are some tips to deflate your paddle board.


If you're not sure whether your paddle board is fully inflated, you should deflate it manually by pushing the valves down and turning them counterclockwise. When your board is fully deflated, it will fold flat, and the air should be gone. If the board is fully inflated, however, it may not be able to be folded flat. If this is the case, you'll need to deflate it a second time.

Inflated paddle boards typically paddle at 15 to 16 PSI, but check the manufacturer's recommended PSI before buying. Some iSUPs can reach 22 PSI and are therefore more suitable for warm environments. Make sure to stick to the recommended PSI for your paddle board to avoid over-pumping it. Remember, heat causes air to expand and increase pressure, and your board can pop if it's over-inflated.


To get the most out of your NRS inflatable SUP board, it is imperative to properly inflate it. In order to properly inflate your board, make sure to open the valve and read the pressure gauge. Once the pressure gauge indicates that the board is properly inflated, unfold it and turn the Leafield valve stem counterclockwise. The spring-loaded sealing disc will then close the valve stem.

The NRS Thrive is a versatile, all-purpose inflatable SUP that comes in four sizes. They all inflate to a maximum of 20 psi. Higher inflation rates result in extra rigidity and stability. The Thrive is stable enough for beginning paddlers, yet durable enough for more advanced users. You can use it to learn the basics of SUP paddling or for more adventurous paddlers to take it out in bigger water.

STAR Photon

The STAR Photon Stand Up Paddle Board is the ideal inflatable stand up paddle board for anyone looking for speed and efficiency. Its narrow nose and hydrodynamic profile allow you to paddle faster and further without tire yourself out. The board also features room for your canine companion, making it ideal for overnight trips or even a quick workout after work. Moreover, the board's carry capacity lets you bring all your gear with you.

There are two types of paddle boards, displacement hull and stability hull. Displacement hull paddle boards are pointed and shaped like kayaks. They are best for touring and racing, while stability hulls are better for fitness miles in local waterways. However, some paddle boards combine both hull types, giving you the best of both worlds! However, it is important to note that the displacement hull paddle board has less stability than the stable ones.

STAR Phoen

When you buy a paddle board, you need to know whether or not it is fully inflated. Most paddle boards are inflated to 20 psi or less. You'll need a gauge to make sure the board is fully inflated before you use it. Using a gauge is a great way to be sure that your paddle board is fully inflated before you start paddling.

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