How Do You Put a Surfboard Rack On a Bike?

July 15, 2022 2 min read

Before installing your rack, you must measure the length of your surfboard and the distance between the rack and the elbows on the bike. Next, cut the outside arms that are 2 inches longer than the inside vertical pieces and insert them into the elbows. After you have cut all pieces, glue them together. Put glue around the inside of the elbows and tees. Finally, stick the straight pieces inside the elbows.


If you are looking for a rack that will hold your board securely and easily, look no further than the CRX Max. It is the big brother to the Mini, but it comes with more room for larger surfboards up to 10 feet. Made from aluminum, the CRX Max is durable and will not rust. It fits on the rear of most bicycles and comes with an integrated rear rack. It weighs only 5 pounds and has dimensions of 5.7 x 15 x 17 inches.

CRX Mini

The CRX Mini Surfboard Rack is ideal for storing small to medium size surfboards. It has adjustable arms and comes in a black color. It can hold one surfboard, body board, or two skim boards. It is a lightweight aluminum rack that can mount on the rear of most bikes. Its dimensions are 5.7 x 15 x 17 inches. The rack weighs only 1.2 pounds and is compact enough to fit into a backpack.

It can carry 1-6 surfboards and has two-piece design that fits all vehicles. It also offers aerodynamic design and 28 inch protection. It comes in two different sizes to fit all types of surfboards. The CRX Mini Surfboard Rack comes in black, red, or blue. This versatile rack also comes with an optional pad, which prevents wax from splashing all over the place.

COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack

If you want to transport your short surfboards to the beach, then the COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack is the perfect solution. It will hold up to eight-foot-long boards up to 4.5 inches thick and features foam-covered arms to protect your board. It is constructed from 6061 aluminum and is sturdy enough to carry up to 25kg/55lbs of weight. The COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack comes with all the necessary mounting hardware.

The COR Surf bicycle rack has a single lynchpin fixture to mount to the metal posts beneath the seat. The arms are adjustable to fit the size of your surfboard, so you don't have to fiddle with pull chords. The manufacturer, Andy Gossett, has been engineering surf gears since 2007. The company also creates environmentally-friendly bike racks. And, with its eco-friendly features, the COR Surf is the right choice for any cyclist.

The arms of the COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack are adjustable to fit most bikes and surfboards. The adjustable arms won't scratch or crush your two-wheeler, and they can even accommodate larger surfboards, including SUP boards. They feature bungee cords to secure your surfboards. A simple installation will be a breeze with the COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack. So, go ahead and grab a COR Surf Shortboard Bicycle Rack today!

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