What Type of Fitness Do I Need to Paddle a Hydrofoil Board?

July 15, 2022 3 min read

When learning to foil, it's important to know what type of fitness you'll need. If you don't already have an excellent paddle fitness level, you should try it first before investing in a new board. Foiling is a high-effort activity that requires some sprint and effort. Hydrofoil boards work best in waves that are shallow and not too steep. Proper foot placement and weight distribution will also determine your foiling duration.

Hydrofoil Surfing

If you are considering paddling your hydrofoil board, you will want to find the sweet spot first. The back of the board should be flat, with your front foot pressing on the kicktail. Hold the board with a normal surfboard stance. Your other hand should be grabbing the wingtip of the foil. When you stand, you will want to maintain a 90 degree connection with the foil.

If you're new to foiling, you will want to find waves that don't have too many other surfers in them. Small crumbly waves work best for foiling. Once you catch some whitewater, you'll want to increase your back foot pressure to pop up. Then, gradually increase your back foot pressure until you're on the foil. Be sure to practice the technique until you're comfortable with it.

Hydrofoil boards and SUPs are both great for beginners and advanced riders alike. Hydrofoil boards are generally bulky and require a large amount of volume to get into the wave early. Hydrofoil boards are stiffer, which is ideal for pumping and direct foil feel. While you may be thinking that you don't need a paddle board, you should know that you'll use it a lot!

SUP Hydrofoil Board

If you are a beginner, you may want to consider buying a SUP hydrofoil board. SUPs can be used for both surfing and downwind. SUPs with hydrofoil technology have a volume of 100-plus liters. If you plan on practicing classic sup in waves, you can choose a traditional board of the same volume. Choosing a SUP hydrofoil board that is a little shorter will give you an advantage when paddling.

SUPs were expensive when they first became popular, often costing upwards of $1000. These days, they are considerably cheaper and of the same quality. Compared to the standard SUP, hydrofoils require more high-tech design and are more difficult to manufacture. Therefore, many paddlers compare the experience to taking flight. The hydrofoil enables the board to lift from the water at speeds ranging from four to eight mph.

The shape of the SUP Hydrofoil is ideal for the sport, with a balance between volume and durability. It features a "release rocker" in the tail to ease decollage. The design of the tail increases the angle of pumping, while the rails are flat to help you plan your maneuvers. Lastly, the SUP Hydrofoil Board's carry handle on the bottom allows you to transport it easily and conveniently.

SUP Hydrofoil Surfing

SUP Hydrofoil Surfing is a relatively new sport. Its advantages are many. You can surf in a variety of conditions, even in 50cm waves. SUP foiling is also a complete cardio sport. Its unique design allows you to connect waves while pumping. SUP foiling is a great way to get the full benefits of standup paddling. It's a fun way to combine both paddleboarding and surfing.

SUP hydrofoil surfing can be challenging and involves more learning than a SUP. There's a steep learning curve and no one will be able to ride a wave the first time. SUPs aren't the only watercraft that can make you fly, so you need to commit yourself to a lot of learning. If you don't want to spend weeks on end on a board, try SUP Hydrofoil Surfing. It's definitely worth the effort.

Unlike traditional surfing, SUP Hydrofoil Surfing is more challenging and requires greater attention to safety. Hydrofoils have sharp trailing edges that can cut you easily if thrown. Fortunately, most foilers are able to foil in calmer conditions, so you won't get pummeled by 10 foot waves. While it can be intimidating to start out, you'll quickly find the thrill of SUP Hydrofoil Surfing.

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