How Do You Tie a Sarong Step By Step?

May 31, 2022 3 min read

A sarong is a great summer garment that has endless ways to be worn. However, many women aren't sure how to care for their sarongs properly, leaving them looking terrible. In this article, we will show you how to properly care for a sarong, so you can get the most out of it! Read on to learn how to tie a sarong in three easy steps!

How to Tie a Sarong

Whenever you want to tie a sarong, the first thing you need to know is the proper method. You should start by holding the edges of the sarong behind your back. Then, bring the top corner over your chest and double-knot it against your bust. You can also tie it into a toga by wrapping the ends over your shoulders. Now, you're ready to wear your sarong!

The most common sarong tie is the wrap-around knot. This is the easiest to do. To start, make sure the fabric is perpendicular to your backside. Then, tie it in a square knot below the navel. Next, fill in the sides to the desired tightness. You can also tie it at the hip bone if it's too loose.

When it comes to the top-tier, you can make a sarong dress using more advanced techniques. Wrap the sarong long-ways and cross the top corners. Tie the ends around your neck. You can tie the ends tighter or looser, depending on your taste and comfort level. To create the perfect sarong dress, you need to have a longer sarong.

Side Knot

To tie a side knot, first place your finger over the diagonal knot. Take one hand and hold the knot while the other one passes over and under the finger. Repeat this process until the tie looks like an X. Then, slip the end of the tie over your finger and pull the tail upwards. It's that easy! Now, you can tie a side knot with your tie. Just follow the steps below.

Next, you'll need a mirror. A side knot looks layered and is generally used with solid ties. Start by crossing the thick side under the thinner one, then move to the opposite shoulder. Then, repeat the process with the opposite side. The result is a side knot that has a perfect hourglass shape. It is a great day-to-day knot, but it won't look good in a business meeting.

To finish the tie, wrap the tail twice around the thick half of the tie. Make sure the back side of the tie is facing out. Then, insert one finger between the two loops and pull the tie upward. Once you've finished, fold the tie back into your neck knot. Bring the tail under your collar and pull it tight. You can now wear your tie with pride. Take note: you can even tie a side knot on a t-shirt!

Wrap Around Your Waist

There are many ways to wrap a sarong around your waist. Whether you're planning a beach vacation or a formal event, the right way to tie your sarong will depend on how much fabric you have and how loose you want the waistband to be. You can tie it vertically or make a double knot on either side. In this tutorial, you will learn how to tie a double knot on the front and back of your sarong.

The first step in wrapping a sarong is to choose the correct length. Then, fold the sarong diagonally and drape it over your shoulders. Make sure to tie the top corner over your shoulder. You can also tie a sarong diagonally across your waistline to make it longer. You can wear it as a sundress or a beach cover-up.

Once you've made your choice of size, the next step is to tie a double knot. Holding one edge under your back and behind your head, bring the other side of the sarong under your arm and double knot it against your neck. Make sure the knot is snug and secure before continuing with the knotting process. If you're comfortable with the double knot, you're ready to wear your sarong with pride!

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