What Size is the Standard Sarong?

May 31, 2022 2 min read

The first question you need to answer is: "What size is the standard sarong?" You can find the size of your sarong on the size tab half way down the product page. Please keep in mind that because sarongs are handcrafted, each one will vary slightly in size, but they are usually close in length. The sarong you choose will fit you perfectly!


The Standard Sarong is a long sarong that is 1.6 to 1.8 meters long and about one and a half meters wide. Many retailers will advertise sarongs as "plus sizes" but they really are not. A true plus size sarong is at least 2.1 meters long and two and a half meters wide. So what's the length of a plus size sarong?


The standard sarong is a two-and-a-half-yard sarong with a contrasting panel in the middle, known as the "head." It is then stitched together to form a tube. It is usually worn as a garment, but has other uses as well. The standard sarong is also available in a smaller size that fits perfectly around the waist. A sarong with a contrasting panel is more suitable for a beach-going vacation, as it is breathable. Once you've made your choice of size, the next step is to learn to tie a sarong.


The size of a Standard Sarong is 66 inches wide and 44 inches tall. This is the average size of a sarong. Half-sarongs and scarfs can be smaller or larger. For plus-size women, the sarong size should be 96 inches wide and 44 inches tall. Here are some examples of sarongs with varying sizes. Listed below are some examples of sarongs with different sizes.


A standard sarong is approximately 66 inches wide by 44 inches tall, or about 112 cm by 168 cm. The same principle applies to half sarongs and scarves. Plus size sarongs are larger, at 96 inches wide by 44 inches tall. To buy a sarong, look for the size tab half-way down the product page. A standard sarong is about the same size as a queen-sized bedsheet.


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