How Long Does it Take for a Pad to Dry?

September 20, 2022 2 min read

After you use a traction pad, you'll probably want to store it in a dry place. Moisture and temperature extremes can ruin pads, so keep them out of unheated spaces like basements and car trunks. Instead, keep them in a climate-controlled room or closet, and make sure they're completely dry before storing them. Also, if you use a self-inflating foam pad, be sure to leave the valve partially open to let air circulate inside.

Avoid Damp Basements

Damp basements can be costly to repair and can cause many problems for the home. Moreover, mold can grow in damp basements, which are dangerous to your health. For this reason, it is important to take steps to remove mold as soon as possible. The right steps to take for damp basement repair include using a moisture barrier and replacing damaged windows.

If you suspect your basement of being damp, first check for signs of condensation. This type of problem is most likely to occur in areas where the walls are porous, such as in a laundry room or bathroom. Condensation is caused by warm air hitting cool surfaces, and this moisture sticks to the walls and causes them to become damp. In addition to condensation, you might also notice efflorescence, a white powdery substance resulting from excessive moisture in the air.

If you're concerned about mold growth, you can install a sump pump. These pumps are very useful in keeping basements dry. Even if the basement is not used for living purposes, sump pumps will help pump water away from the home and reduce the chances of flooding and structural damage.

If you're building a new home, check all zones for potential water sources. Moreover, protect crawl spaces by installing French channels, which are filled with gravel or pipe. This will prevent water from pooling in the basement and soaking up the ground underneath. Moreover, you should check for any cracks that are visible. If they are small, you can fill them with waterproofing compound. But if they are larger and deep, you may need to patch the basement and clean out the area surrounding it.

You should also avoid leaving wet traction pads in your basement. It will not only make the dehumidifier work harder but may also cause mold. So, it is important to remove damp items from your basement as soon as possible. In case your basement is too wet, you can try a combination of several methods and dehumidifiers to fix it.

Keeping the humidity of the basement below 50 percent is vital. Otherwise, you'll create an environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive on the back of the traction pad. In addition to dehumidifiers, you can use exhaust fans to circulate fresh air through the basement's windows. Lastly, if you have a furnished basement, make sure it is waterproofed. You can apply a waterproof sealant or paint the walls and floors with a water-resistant paint.

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