How Many Calories Do You Burn Floating in the Ocean?

May 18, 2022 3 min read

If you're wondering how many calories you burn while floating in the ocean, keep reading. All of the swimming activities, like scuba diving or snorkelling help you to burn lots of calories. Swimming, for example, burns 410 calories per hour. Treading water, on the other hand, burns just 11 calories per minute. If you're curious how many calories you'll burn floating in the ocean, try using a caloric burn calculator. It's easy to estimate your burn, and it's even fun to compare your results with your own.

Swimming Burns 410 Calories Per Hour

When you swim, you're literally burning calories. Whether you're in the water for recreation or for competition, swimming burns up to 410 calories per hour. And because you're floating, you'll stay afloat more efficiently than you'd if you were running. Depending on the stroke you use, swimming can burn hundreds of calories per hour. You can expect to burn about five hundred calories per hour swimming the breaststroke.

A leisurely swim can burn almost as many calories as running or jumping in the ocean. The warm water helps your body burn fat, because it prevents cold shock. And since your heart rate stays steady, swimming is more enjoyable. Swimming can also burn as much as 400 calories per hour, depending on how much resistance you can muster. This is an impressive amount of calories for a leisurely swim.

White Water Rafting Burns 270 Calories Per Hour

White water rafting is a great exercise for your heart. You'll burn more than 270 calories an hour by floating through the water. Even though you're using a tube to go down the river, your body slides through the water. Not only that, you'll probably end up with sore muscles. The great news is that you can do this activity five times a week and still burn over a thousand calories!

Floating in the ocean is a great way to get exercise while enjoying a spectacular scenery, but it's not only great for your body! White water rafting can burn 350 calories per hour and requires many different muscle groups to balance and paddle. Taking part in this activity can also help you de-stress. While it may sound like a luxury activity, it's an excellent way to improve your mood and keep fit.

Floating in the Ocean Burns a Lot of Calories

How floating in the water burns a lot of calories? Just like walking, swimming burns calories. However, the body weight of the person doing the exercise does matter. In general, men with less than 10% body fat will burn more calories than those with more than 40%. In addition, men with more muscle will burn more calories than leaner individuals. So what can you expect to get from swimming?

Treading Water Burns 11 calories Per Minute

Treading water is a common form of exercise in water. This low-impact exercise allows for intense muscle work without putting too much strain on the joints. The exercise is excellent for improving ones fitness, cardiovascular health, burning calories, and increasing your endurance. You can view a treading water video for detailed instructions. It will take approximately 11 minutes to complete. The benefits of treading water are numerous. Here are some of them.

As an added benefit, it is beneficial to your heart, lungs, and muscles. Using a treading water machine will maximize your results, burning more than 11 calories per minute. Swimming pools are warm enough to burn up to four to five thousand calories in just one hour. Treading water can be a great foundational exercise if you're just learning to swim. By using this simple technique, you'll soon feel comfortable in the water. Once you become confident in the water, you can incorporate other swim strokes into your workout, which will exercise new muscles and increase your overall calories.

Swimming on a Flat Surface Burns More Calories Than Walking on a Flat Surface

The benefits of swimming are obvious. A moderate-paced swim can burn more calories than walking for an hour, and a fast-paced swimming workout can increase that amount by over 100 calories per hour. However, the efficiency of calorie-burning exercises differs among different kinds of swimming, and some types are less effective than others. Surfing, for instance, burns only 103 calories per 30-minute session.

Compared to a flat surface, walking in the sand requires more effort, so it's better to choose a sandy beach. While the sandy terrain does not pose a health risk, it is a bit more taxing on the body. While walking on a flat surface burns about 270 calories, swimming on a flat surface in the ocean can burn up to 530 calories per hour.

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