How Many Underwater Cutting Devices Can a Diver Use at Once?

September 24, 2022 3 min read

When choosing an underwater cutting device, there are several factors to consider. If you're cutting a pipe, you'll need to know the distance from the cutting electrode to the diver's hand. This distance will prevent electric shock. Generally, a diver shouldn't be any closer than 4 inches from the cutting electrode's tip. You should also check if dive knives are legal in your country to use.

Diving Knife

Underwater cutting devices can help keep a diver safe, clean up the dive site, and even free trapped animals. They should always be included in a diver's standard equipment.

Diving knives can be extremely useful, but they can also be very heavy. It's important to think about where you will carry the knife when you dive so that you can balance its weight. You'll also need to take care of the knife after every dive, as it can rust in saltwater. Interested in what's the biggest size of scuba knife? Read more from us.

Underwater cutting devices must be equipped with a safety knife switch, which allows the diver to easily change cutting rods while underwater. Diving equipment should be positioned away from falling debris.

Underwater work is a dangerous endeavor because of low temperatures and poor visibility. The constant threat of falling cut-away pieces can cause severe injuries. Additionally, operating an electric arc can cause a fatal shock or a severe burn. In addition, cutting devices that generate explosive gas pockets require extreme caution.

Net Cutter

Underwater cutting and welding devices are hazardous to dive operations and should be used only in strict accordance with proper procedures. Underwater cutting equipment such as the Broco(r) Underwater Ultrathermic cutting system must be operated in strict accordance with manufacturer's specifications and operators must be properly trained. Divers must always use approved welding lenses.

Underwater cutting processes involve the use of explosive gases. Divers pack a charge into a cavity to create a focused shockwave. Divers can also use specialized water jets to focus hundreds of pounds of pressure onto a single point.

Underwater cutting rods made by other manufacturers are not safe to use in the water. They can lead to electrical shock or damage life support equipment. To prevent this, ensure that the oxygen lever is opened before changing cutting rods. The safety knife switch must also be open before changing cutting rods. It is essential to avoid a "burning bar," which is when an underwater cutting rod is contaminated with oxygen.


Using underwater cutting devices is dangerous and must be done only by trained personnel. Divers should never conduct underwater cutting operations without a standby diver and topside tender. Divers should never operate an underwater cutting device near their hands, as it may result in an electric shock. Divers must also wear approved welding lenses to protect their eyes. Also, they should position their life support equipment well away from any falling debris.

If the diving equipment is not equipped with a bell, the diver must use a closed bell or an inwater stage. The diver must have a two-way voice communication system while in the water. Divers must keep documentation of modifications and repairs made to equipment. They must also record date, name of worker, and type of work performed.

Underwater cutting can be dangerous due to the presence of oxygen and hydrogen gases. If trapped, these gases can explode. They can accumulate in closed compartments or open piping systems. They can also collect under shaped structural members. Underwater cutting devices must be equipped with a means of venting the gases before they are used.

Using a safe underwater cutting device is important to avoid an electrocution. It's also important to use proper protective gear. Water and electricity don't mix well, so using electrical equipment underwater poses a serious threat. For this reason, all underwater workers should be trained in first aid and CPR. What's the wasp knife? How do you use it? Read other articles to stay informed.

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