What Is a Wasp Knife?

September 24, 2022 3 min read

A Wasp knife is a very useful weapon. It is very effective when used to protect yourself from dangerous animals, such as sharks. It contains a cylinder of compressed gas in the hilt, and it is designed to inject a ball of gas into a wound cavity. This weapon can also kill or immobilize large animals. Check if dive knives are allowed in your country.

Contains a Cylinder of Compressed Gas in the Gilt

The Wasp Knife is a unique knife that contains a cylinder of compressed gas in its hilt. It is designed to be used in potentially life-threatening situations. It can release 40 cubic inches of gas with a pressure of 800 psi, which is high enough to freeze the surrounding tissue. The knife is designed to withstand extreme pressure and is ideal for use in underwater environments.

The knife is packaged in a foam-filled plastic case and includes three CO2 cartridges. It also comes with an instruction sheet and catalog of available options. The knife is available in three styles, each with a different handle material and blade material.

Injects a Ball of Gas Into a Wound Cavity

The Wasp Knife, a gas weapon, is a specialized knife that shoots a ball of gas into a victim's wound cavity. The weapon's blade is attached to a handle that contains a gas cylinder. The knife can be used in a variety of hazardous situations such as a shark attack or a diving accident.

The knife is easy to use and has the ability to kill large animals very quickly. When aimed correctly, a ball of gas is shot into the wound cavity. Once in the wound, the ball freezes any internal organs and explodes at 800psi. This is an incredibly effective method of self-defense and has been featured in many movies and television shows.

Can Kill or Immobilize a Large Animal

A Wasp Knife is a very powerful weapon that can immobilize or kill a large animal with a single stab. It is a large knife that comes with a cylinder of compressed gas in the hilt. This gas is injected deep into the wound, which causes much more damage than a single knife wound. Additionally, it can cause a freezing effect, causing the animal to surface.

One well-placed hit can easily kill a large shark. In addition, it has underwater stunners that stop the animal from bleeding, allowing it to roll to the surface.


A Wasp knife is a specialty tool that can be expensive. They can range in price from $500 to $600 for a standard model. Larger models are also more expensive. Prices vary based on where you purchase the knife. Some models can only be used once, so you may want to buy multiples if you're going to use them on several predators.

A Wasp knife is a high-tech weapon that uses CO2 cartridges that are loaded into the knife's handle. The knife then uses the compressed gas to inject it out of the knife's point. The knife is made of surgical stainless steel, so it can be used on land or in water. The tool is originally designed for shark protection by divers, but its range of uses has spread beyond just shark protection.


The Wasp Knife is a powerful knife that can be used for a variety of combat applications. Its patented design consists of a cylinder in the hilt that contains a small amount of gas. When the knife is stabbed, the gas expands to fill the target cavity and cause damage greater than a single knife wound. It can also be used in hunting and outdoor activities.

Wasp Knives are known as the world's deadliest knives. This is due to the fact that they are equipped with a cartridge containing 26 grams of highly pressurized gas. This gas passes through a thin tube to the blade's tip and dispels inside the stab wound. How many cutting device can diver use? Keep reading and following us to find out.

Cost of a Wasp Knife

A wasp knife is a type of knife that can be used for self-defense. These knives are single shot and reloadable. They are effective at killing silently, although they are best used in close range combat. They are also useful for hunters, outdoorsmen, and the military.

The Manly Wasp is an excellent knife, but it is lacking the following: one handed opening, thumb stud, and lockback version. These features would make it a near-perfect knife. The Manly Wasp is one of the most versatile knives on the market, but it could do with a few tweaks in its construction.

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