How to Cover Legs in a Short Dress

May 31, 2022 3 min read

One way to cover your legs in a short dress is to wear a jacket or cardigan. This will cover up your bare legs and help to break up the line of a dress. For extra coverage, consider wearing tights, a skort, or a trench coat. Below are some tips to keep your legs covered when wearing a short dress.

Avoiding Leg Accessories

One of the best tips for elongating legs in a short dress is to avoid wearing leg accessories. Wearing leg accessories can make your legs appear shorter than they really are. Instead, opt for bold colours and designs to add dimension to your legs. Bold prints and patterns will add a dramatic effect to your legs. Moreover, bold patterns like floral, Fair Isle, plaids and horizontal stripes will elongate your legs. However, If you want to try to uncover your legs i a short dress, you can read more about how to make them look better and glowy.

Wearing Leggings

Depending on the style of your dress, leggings can be worn with or without tights. You can wear opaque leggings with a dress, or you can use tight-like ones with a see-through skirt. Wearing leggings with a dress can make you appear taller because it will cover up your thigh. But if you want to make a bold fashion statement, you can wear a long dress with a slit.

When choosing the perfect pair of leggings for a dress, keep in mind its length. Leggings are great for layering. Try wearing them with a long-line sweater that covers up the bottom, and ankle boots. If the dress is shorter, you can wear a shorter sweater. However, if you prefer to wear a shorter sweater with your short dress, opt for a tight-fitting poncho.

Wearing a Belt

For a stylish touch, try adding a belt to your short dress. It can hide flaws and emphasize your waistline. A wide belt sits just above the waistline, enhancing your hips. The narrower part of your torso is the perfect place to accentuate a belt. To avoid constricting airflow and falling down, wear a stretchy belt that hugs your hips.

To choose the right belt for your dress, start with the width. Many are sized S/M, but you may need to order a larger size if your dress is too tight. Also, remember that your belt must fit over your pants, so make sure you measure properly. Also, it may be easier to get a wider belt if you have a narrower waist, but it will take more time than you think.

Wearing a Thigh-High Slit

When choosing a slit dress, consider the length and style. The thigh-high slit shows a lot of leg, but you can balance this out with a pretty camisole or coverup. A side mini slit shows less leg, and can work well for a sultry evening out with friends. A midi dress with a side slit is a comfortable option for a date night or a city break. A formal skirt with a thigh-high slit can be worn with a conservative top.

A thigh-high slit will cover more leg than a lower slit, but it is worth the risk. The cut is flattering and makes you look taller and slimmer. A front or side slit can also accentuate your figure. Just make sure you feel comfortable and confident in the dress. To prevent a bad slit, make sure the slit is low enough to cover the leg.

Wearing a Long Linen Skirt

If you want to cover your legs and look stylish, consider wearing a long linen skirt. Linen has great cooling properties and reflects heat better than other fabrics, leaving you cool and comfortable. You can also layer a long linen skirt with a baggy top or a tunic. Layering is a hot fashion trend, and you can try it for both indoor and outdoor occasions. But, remember, it's not as hot as it sounds.

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