How to Look Good in a Skirt

May 31, 2022 3 min read

There are a few ways to disguise your sagging legs, so you can wear a skirt that accentuates them. You can add dimension to your legs by choosing bold prints, bright colors, and patterns. Avoid wearing leggings with pointy toes. Wearing pattern tights will also make your legs look slimmer. You should also avoid wearing shoes that are ankle strapped or have long, untucked tops.

Avoiding Shoes With Ankle Straps

Ankle-strap shoes can add length to your legs, but they're not the best choice for short legs. The straps on ankle-strapped shoes cut off the leg, making it appear short. Choose pointy pumps instead, or try an over-the-knee boot with a bit of a heel. Ankle-strapped boots cut off the leg length, making it look wider than it actually is.

Whether you're wearing a short dress or a pantsuit, ankle-strapped shoes can shorten your legs and emphasize trouble spots. Choose open-ankle shoes or slingbacks that wrap around the back of your ankle. Avoid pointy or round-toed shoes, which will make your legs appear shorter than they actually are. Choose a shoe with a lower vamp that blends in with your skin tone.

Avoiding Long, Untucked Tops

The most obvious way to make your legs and thighs look slimmer is by avoiding long, untucked tops. While the trend for tucking in a bulky sweater is still a popular choice, you can also try a looser top that isn't tucked in. This look is more flattering and will not show off your excess tummy area.

Wearing a skirt that is too high or too low can make your legs appear shorter. High-waisted pants and skirts are best for a slimmer figure. Avoiding pants that bunch up at the knee can also make your legs appear longer. Lastly, try to avoid jeans that are untucked in the front or the back. A wide-legged pair of pants can hide a wide-leg start and provide the maximum lengthening effect.

Avoiding Shoes With Pointy Toes

To avoid looking overly sexy in a skirt, choose pointed-toe shoes with a rounded toe. These shoes visually lengthen the leg line, but they tend to be tighter than other styles. Try several pairs of these shoes before choosing a pair. Also, wear the right color of your skin and shoes. If you have pale legs, avoid wearing dark colors.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is the size of your shoes. Avoid wearing pointy-toed shoes with a skirt. A pointy-toed shoe will make your legs appear shorter than they actually are. Choose a shoe with a rounded toe and a smaller heel for a more proportional look. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes that encroach on your ankle.

Avoiding Pattern Tights

The key to wearing tights without being too overly revealing is to avoid patterns. Patterned tights tend to show off too much skin and are generally unwearable. You can accentuate busy tights with solid colors and wear neutrals for an understated look. However, you should avoid wearing pattern tights with anything that's too crazy or too formal. Here are some rules to keep in mind when wearing pattern tights:

Wear patterned tights in warmer weather, not in winter. Patterned tights will make your legs look too revealing, so pair them with a dress made from a plain color or monochrome. Remember that accidents and spills will happen! So, you need to be prepared for them. Avoiding pattern tights will make your legs look longer, sexier, and more beautiful.

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