How to Hide Belly Fat in a Swimsuit

May 19, 2022 4 min read

It's summer time, and that means one thing: soaking up some sun. But now that you've got belly fat, you may have to reconsider going to the beach. It's a drag to go to the beach and pool in your oversized t-shirt and baggy shorts, but don't worry - there are a few tricks that will hide your fat in a swimsuit! Different shapes offer different looks and do not forget the beauty effect of colors

High Waisted Bottoms

If you have a large tummy, high waisted bottoms in swimsuits are perfect to hide your tummy. They are the best choice for women with small busts and a huge tummy. High waisted bottoms can be sexy or modest, depending on how high you decide to make them. If you want to look sexy, choose two-piece swimsuits with high waisted bottoms to cover the problem area.

Another tip for hiding a tummy is to go for deep V-neck or plunge-necked swimsuits. These are great for hiding belly fat because they give the illusion of a wider chest. You can also use ruffles and lattice detailing to hide your tummy in a swimsuit. You can also cover your thighs with high-waisted bottoms. There are numerous types of swimsuits that cover the belly fat.


If you're looking for a way to conceal your belly fat, side-cinching in a swimsuit is one option. It can make a big difference in how you look, since it creates a smaller middle. You can also buy a swimsuit with a long tie, which is a hot swim trend for 2021. Another option is a one-piece swimsuit, which can hide belly fat without being uncomfortable and looks high-fashion.

Alternatively, a one-piece with vertical stripes and ruching on the bottom can distract attention from your tummy. One-pieces with mesh panels or deep-v necklines can also draw attention away from your tummy. Ruffled ones also hide a belly bulge. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on a new one-piece, try a swimsuit with tiered sides.


Whether you're looking for a one-piece bikini with ruffles or a two-piece swimsuit with a belt, there are many ways to hide your belly pooch and tummy bulge. Ruffles and lattice detailing can help hide that pooch. Ruffles and lattice detailing can hide your belly pooch while also making you look good.

Ruffles and print can help conceal your tummy bulge, and ruching on the waist and back will draw the eye away from your tummy. If you have a bigger tummy, however, you should avoid ruffles with prints or tight patterns, which will draw the eye away from your belly. Also, you should avoid solid black and choose a one-piece with ruffles that have a tummy-controlling effect.

Mesh Back

A high-waisted mesh back swimsuit can hide back fat while still keeping the body in shape. This style of suit comes in a set that includes a tankini and boyshorts. A racerback criss-cross pattern in the back of the suit makes it look flattering and slimming. The set is made from 82% nylon and 18% polyester, making it comfortable and stretchable.

Another option for people who are self-conscious about their tummy is a one-piece swimsuit. The wraparound style of this piece hides the tummy and gives a slimming appearance without pinching or pulling the skin. Besides being comfortable, a mesh back swimsuit also provides a good amount of coverage. The top seams are thick but are flexible. Choosing the right one can help you look your best in the pool or on a beach.

Plunging Neckline

Plunging necklines are not just for the beach! They can help you hide a tummy, too. Plus-sized women with extra fluffiness in the middle of their bodies can choose a swimsuit with a low-cut back to hide belly fat. Plunging necklines are also great for a more modest look, because you can swap out the top with a different bottom.

Another way to hide belly fat is to wear a one-piece swimsuit with a wraparound front. This design will hide belly fat and make you look slimmer. It also won't pinch or irritate your skin. You can find one with removable padding and adjustable straps. You can even combine the two styles to make your own LBS! These styles are great because they will hide your tummy and make you look much thinner than you actually are!

Smoothing Mesh

When choosing a swimsuit, consider a style that conceals your tummy. A skirted design can make you look thinner and slimmer while covering your tummy. Also, consider purchasing a swimsuit that has an inset in the front. These styles are sexy, yet still cover your tummy. Ideally, the skirted design should end above the knee.

If your tummy bulge is bothersome, you may want to consider a swimsuit that has an extra high waist. A high waisted swimsuit will not show your tummy as much as a low-cut one. However, you will want to choose a style that is well-fitting for your shape. If you don't have a high waisted swimsuit, you should consider a one-piece swimsuit or bikini bottoms with a high waist.

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