How to Make a Pirate Shirt Step By Step

September 08, 2022 3 min read

The first step in making a pirate shirt is to measure it. You should be able to find the length of a pirate shirt's body by measuring around the shoulder seams. Next, mark the front of the shirt with a straight edge about 13 inches from the shoulder seams. This line should be straight and centered. To make sure your shirt is straight, you can use a weighted string to check the line with.

Pin the Sleeve to the Body

Sew the sleeve to the body. Pin the sleeve to the body at the underarm and sew it on with the right sides together. Match up the under sleeve and side seam, and match the armhole opening. Sew along the desired seam allowance. Continue sewing the sleeve until it meets the armhole and body. Once the sleeve is pinned to the body, the rest of the sewing process will be easier.

To ease the sleeve, pin it to the body at the shoulder seam, notches, and seam ends. Make sure the sleeve fits the armhole, and pull the thread to secure it in place. You can also use an extra pin and place it in the center of the cap section. When you're satisfied with the sleeve's fit, pin it to the body.

To put the sleeve on the body, you should first turn the shirt inside out and slip the sleeve through the armhole opening. The sleeve and the armhole opening should line up perfectly, so you don't have to worry about slacks or fit issues. A fitting shirt will be the most comfortable to wear, as it will not be as restrictive.

Sew the Elastic Directly to the Inside of the Sleeve at Wrist Level

Before you begin sewing the elastic to the inside of the sleeves, it is important to remember that it should be pinned to the fabric. This will help ensure that the elastic is hidden. You can find elastic with a variety of textures, colors, and integrated drawstrings. Once you find the right elastic for your project, you should start sewing it. Be sure to work slowly until the elastic is seated in the correct place.

When making a hoodie, it's important to pay attention to the length of the sleeves. Longer sleeve hoodies can be achieved by making sure the seam allowance is at least 1/4 inch longer than the sleeve length. However, if you choose to make the hoodie longer, you can use ruching to pull the sleeve to your desired length.

Once the elastic is sewn to the inside of the sleeves, you should match up the cut edges of each loop with the seam on the sleeve. Be sure to use a 1/4 inch seam allowance. You should also make a casing by folding the fabric loop 1/4" or 1/2" toward the wrong side of the fabric. Then, sew it to the inside of the sleeve at wrist level.

Sew the Elastic to the Inside of the Sleeve at Wrist Level

The elastic should be cut to fit the sleeve. The elastic can be purchased in the elastic section and resembles a highway with cords running through it. Pull the cords together to create evenly spaced gathers. Sew the elastic to the inside of the sleeve at the wrist level. You'll want to leave a small opening for the elastic to fit through.

After cutting the sleeve, make a track with fabric, about three to four inches long. Place the track at the wrist level, and then sew the elastic or ribbon through the track. This will keep the elastic in place and prevent it from falling off. This will also prevent tearing the sleeve. You should also practice sewing a few garments to get the hang of this technique. Check out how to make a pirate shirt for your kid.

When sewing the elastic, make sure to fold the fabric 1/4 inch wider than the elastic. This will avoid exposing the raw edge of the fabric and finish it off nicely. You should also clip off any extra fabric that you fold. If you have to use this method for a large garment, it will be easier to sew it in four smaller pieces. When sewing elastic to a garment, be sure to double check the stitches.

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