Is Backstroke Better Than Freestyle?

July 02, 2022 4 min read

In this article, we will look at the differences between freestyle and backstroke swimming and compare them in terms of their efficacy and technique. This article also focuses on the benefits of each technique and shows the speed of each type of a stroke. To help you decide, try to swim as many laps as possible as they each have a different set of advantages. So, whether your goal is to become a faster swimmer or simply to gain confidence in the water, you will want to read on.

Backstroke VS Freestyle

The difference between backstroke and freestyle lies in the way they are performed. Backstroke swimmers have an upward-directed line of sight while swimming. As a result, they tend to be nervous while in the water, but by following good breathing techniques, they can overcome their fear. Here's a closer look at the differences between backstroke and freestyle. Hopefully, this will help you decide which one you should learn first.

The backstroke resembles the front crawl in many ways, but is performed on the back. While both involve similar swimming movements, the backstroke allows you to keep your head above water while strengthening your back. This technique is recommended by doctors if you have back problems because it will help you to improve your core muscles and avoid injuries. Listed below are some of the similarities between backstroke and freestyle. You can pick your best stroke by learning to swim both styles.


Efficacy of the Backstroke is a significant component of the swimming performance. While the front crawl swimmers change their position when their velocity increases, the backstroke swimmers maintain their position throughout the entire cycle. This results in no direct relationship between the roll amplitude and the length of the entry phase. Moreover, there is no clear relationship between the length and amplitude of the entry phase of the backstroke.

Efficacy of the backstroke depends on the length of the stroke cycle, the catch, and the speed of acceleration to the finish. When practicing the backstroke, focus on executing your hand entry directly in front of your shoulders. Also, observe how your body position creates drag. After you complete a clean stroke, experiment with different body positions to reduce drag. If necessary, you can also use a flutter kick technique.


One of the most important aspects of the backstroke is its technique. Its aim is to move water from side to side and engage chest and arm muscles to propel the body. The stronger the pull, the greater the distance swum. However, it is important to avoid locking the elbow, which may cause tendon damage. It is also vital to have a good rhythm when swimming the backstroke. It is best to focus on learning the technique by doing the drills one arm at a time.

A good backstroke technique includes a proper start and an accurate turn. The right technique requires a rigid core, a strong kick and an accurate body position. The arm is positioned just near the body and should be straight and rotated at about 30 degrees. Then, the swimmer should straighten the arm near the body and push the water with the hand. The arm should be kept near the body and the thumb should lead.


The benefits of backstroke swimming are plentiful. Its unique swimming motion breaks up long training sessions and improves mobility of the shoulders, chest, and front of the body. It helps ease the tightness and tension in the front of the body, which is prone to occur when sitting at a desk or cycling. Performing the backstroke will help you overcome these problems and get back to a relaxed state. Also, the backstroke is effective at curing diseases of the thyroid, tonsils, and throat.

The backstroke arm movements can be tricky at first. To improve arm speed, try spin drills. These exercises require you to move your arms quickly, while concentrating on the rest of your body. Holding a wall and practicing your kick technique can also improve your strength and coordination. It can also help you get back into shape after a back injury. This exercise is effective in reducing muscle tension and improving overall health.


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The backstroke is a highly dependent stroke on the position of the swimmer's head. True backstrokers don't peek at the wall to gauge their stroke speed. The distance between the wall and flags at each end of the pool is the same, so a stroke that is able to reach the wall at race speed will take many strokes. To increase the speed of your backstroke, try to mimic a real backstroke by stepping up to the wall at each end of the pool.

When swimming the backstroke, you should remember that your first cycle is going to be the fastest. As you progress through the race, your tempo will gradually slow down. There is a ranking among strokes when it comes to speed. This will depend on fatigue, but you can use this information to optimize your backstroke speed. If you can maintain a consistent tempo, you will be able to swim faster in the long run. This is a crucial component of speed improvement. To improve your backstroke stroke speed, focus on tempo training.

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