Is It Weird to Wear a Rashguard to the Beach?

July 02, 2022 3 min read

A rash guard is a garment that protects against harmful UVA/UVB rays and keeps sand off your body. They also provide more protection against objects floating in the water. These items are made of soft polyester and are often worn under a rash shirt. They are also convenient to remove before getting back into the car. If you're wondering if it's weird to wear a rashguard to the beach, read on.

Rash Guards Are Made of Soft Polyester

Rashes guards are a unique style of swimwear that covers the arms and torso, often made of a quick-drying material. They can be worn alone, or underneath a wetsuit, and provide light coverage in warm weather. Originally designed to protect surfers, rash guards have evolved into fashionable beach wear that offers high protection from the sun and water.

They Are Made to Block UVA/UVB Rays

Unlike conventional sunscreens, Rashguards are designed to prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The UPF rating of an Rashguard determines the protection the garment offers against UVA/UVB rays. A UPF rating of 50 means that only 1/50th of the ultraviolet radiation is allowed to pass through. Higher UPF ratings reduce the amount of light that reaches your skin.

They Are Worn Under a Rash Shirt

It may be odd to wear a rash guard to the beach, but it isn't necessarily weird. Depending on the style, it can be worn under a bathing suit, or alone, you decide how to wear it. Some people even wear rash guards while swimming. This is because rash guards tend to be a bit transparent when they're wet. Women, on the other hand, usually wear a swimsuit over them, and men may opt for a one-piece costume.

They Are Popular Among Swimmers

If you've never worn a swim mask to the beach, you're not alone. A new order by Gov. Phil Murphy encourages beachgoers to practice social distancing. But what about when you don't swim? Does wearing a mask make you look silly? It depends on where you're going to the beach. Here are some examples. And, if you're not sure, don't do it!

They Are Fashionable

Wearing a rash guard to the beach is an increasingly popular fashion trend. They can protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays while at the beach, and some people even opt to wear matching rash guards. The reason behind this is obvious: rash guards are easier to spot on the beach, and they make it easier to spot children in the crowd. This trend has become so popular, in fact, that some parents have even begun wearing matching rash guards.

They Protect Against Rashes

A rash guard is a piece of clothing designed to prevent skin irritation while enjoying water sports. They're lightweight and can be used for swimming, bodyboarding, and wakeboarding. Lower body rash guards are more specific to surfers and are similar to compression shorts. They originated in Australia, where they are known as rashies. Despite their name, these clothes do more than protect the skin.

They Are Easy to Clean

Is it weird to wear a rashguard to the beach? That's a good question. There are many reasons to wear a rash guard to the beach, from fashion to environmental consciousness. Here are the pros and cons of wearing a rash guard. First, rash guards are made of synthetic fiber, which easily degrades. You should hand-wash your rash guard after every swim to avoid any bacterial growth. You should also avoid exposing your rash guard to sunlight and heat.

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