Should I Wear a Sports Bra Under My Rash Guard?

August 04, 2022 3 min read

If you are wondering if you should wear a sports bra under your rash guard, this article will explain why you shouldn't. Read on to learn why wearing a sports bra is not recommended under your rash guard. It's possible that you'll develop a rash when you wear a sports bra under your rash guard. Unless you have small breasts, you should avoid wearing a sports bra underneath a rash guard. Because of its good fitting features, rash guards are the type of clothes that surfers often wear.

Women Can Wear a Rash Guard Without Anything Underneath

Whether you're going for a day at the beach or a surf trip, a rash guard is a great way to protect yourself from the sun without sacrificing style, so you can incorporate it into your beach style. Pro female surfers generally do not recommend wearing a sports bra underneath the rash guard as the top is usually long enough to cover your whole body and can be slipped on over a rental wetsuit without a problem. Women can also wear rash guard shirts under a life jacket, which prevents the lifejacket from rubbing against your skin.

A rash guard can be worn over a one-piece swimsuit or a matching bikini. A rash guard can also be worn over board shorts or swim skirts. For additional support, some rash guards have built-in bras. Women can also wear rash guards over board shorts and flowy skirts. It is important to know that rash guards are not appropriate for every type of swimsuit.

Women's Wetsuit
CTRILADY Neoprene Wetsuit
  • Waterproof and elastic
  • Front zipper
  • Comfortable design
Best Rash Guard
O'NEILL Rash Guard
  • Polyester/Spandex
  • Sun protection
  • Comfortable
Best Sports Bra
  • Gives shape and lift
  • Double layer support
  • Breathable

Women Should Wear a Sports Bra Under a Rash Guard

It may be tempting to wear a sports bra underneath a rash guard, but that would not be a wise decision. While rash guards are great for keeping you cool and providing support, they don't dry quickly and can cause discomfort when swimming. Instead, wear a sports bra specifically designed for swimming, which will not lose its shape in the water. You may also want to choose one that is made of thin, quick-dry material.

Despite its name, rash guards don't fit everyone's cup size. For many women, this may be an issue, but don't fret. There are plenty of brands available that cater to women with larger breasts. In addition, many rash guard manufacturers have different cup sizes and rib widths to fit a wide range of women. It's always a good idea to ask a salesperson for recommendations or guidance. A good one is the one that fits your frame so choose carefully a right size.

Women Shouldn't Wear a Sports Bra Under a Rash Guard

A sports bra can provide excellent support for the bust and abdomen, but it's important to buy one made specifically for swimming. The chlorine and seawater in pools can damage sports bras. Also, a sports bra that holds water may cause rashes, chafing, and under-boob yeast infections. If you're not sure which one is right for you, read on for some tips.

When choosing a sports bra, choose one that doesn't have any frills or bows. One-piece swimsuits with high-cut sides will make you look less attractive. While swimwear pushup inserts can provide support under a rash guard, they can cause embarrassing situations. Those swimsuits with pushups are best paired with a one-piece swimsuit.

Using a Sports Bra Under a Rash Guard Can Cause Rashes

While wearing a sports bra under a rash shield is not dangerous, it is highly recommended that you wash it before wearing it. You may develop a rash after wearing it if you do not wash it thoroughly before wearing it. Your skin may be sensitive to the fabric and trim on the sports bra, or you could be reacting to bacteria that is embedded in the material. It could also be a reaction to a plant or detergent.

In addition to wearing a sports bra under a rash shield, women should also wear a sports bra when swimming. Because rash guards provide little support, wearing nothing underneath may lead to back aches, discomfort, and possible rashes. A sports bra provides much needed support and comfort and is thin and won't take forever to dry. Using a sports bra under a rash guard can cause rashes if it holds water, which can lead to chafing and under-boob yeast infections.

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