Should You Wear Boxers With Board Shorts?

July 09, 2022 3 min read

When wearing boxers under board shorts, make sure to pick the right material. Cotton fabrics are good water absorbent, but they don't repel water like polyester. That means you will experience chafing and discomfort when you wear cotton under your board shorts. Cotton also has built-in liners. If you're unsure of what material to choose, read this article.

Contrasts Between Board Shorts and Swim Trunks

If you're a surfer, you'll appreciate the contrasts between board shorts and swim trunks. Surf shorts are notoriously baggy and ill-fitting. They're usually in a solid color and feature no elastic waistband. Board shorts were designed with a more stylish appearance and are more comfortable for lounging around in the water. During strenuous water activities, their legs will ride up, which makes them uncomfortable. But for everyday use, they look and feel great.

Traditional swim trunks hit at about mid-thigh and are usually lined with mesh, which prevents drag. They also feature a drawstring or elastic waistband. Besides being more durable, board shorts offer more versatility, as they don't have the lining. Depending on the style, board shorts may be more comfortable for more casual occasions, while swim trunks are more versatile and stylish.

Whether or Not to Wear Underwear Under Board Shorts

Whether or not to wear underwear under your board shorts is a decision you need to make carefully. While the built-in liners on your swimwear may keep you comfortable, they don't prevent a revealing silhouette. Plus, wearing underwear prevents the material from bearing behind the profile of your underwear, which is uncomfortable and potentially harmful. Listed below are some reasons why you should wear underwear under your board shorts.

Depending on the type of board shorts you have, wearing regular underwear under them can create discomfort and a fashion faux pas. Cotton underwear and trunks take longer to dry. If you want to stay comfortable while surfing, wear underwear that has a mesh liner. This can help maintain a snug fit and protect you from rashes. However, if you do plan on wearing your underwear under your board shorts, you should wear a separate pair of underwear.


While it's not a good idea to wear underwear while in the water, it's not an impossible solution either. Depending on the style, wearing underwear will provide enough support but won't provide any more comfort than wearing underwear on a daily basis. Unless you're planning on wearing board shorts that cover your entire torso, you may want to consider wearing underwear under your shorts instead.

Some men like to wear boxers with their board shorts because they provide extra support for their lower bodies and prevent chafing. Additionally, some guys wear compression shorts over their underwear because they feel that this extra layer protects them. Compression shorts are not designed to be worn when wet and can harbor bacteria. Therefore, you should choose underwear that provides a layer of protection against moisture and sweat.

Built-In Liners

The only drawback of boxers with built-in liners is the limited selection of underwear available. They are usually made of breathable materials that are designed to allow moisture to escape from the underwear. This can lead to chafing and skin irritation. However, some people prefer the added comfort of built-in liners. If you are considering buying a boxer with built-in liners, you should consider the pros and cons of each type of liner before purchasing a pair.

Material of Underwear

While this may seem like a no-brainer, wearing regular underwear under your board shorts is not only a fashion faux pas, it can also cause some serious discomfort. Most underwear is made of cotton, and the moisture-wicking properties of cotton can cause irritation and rashes. If you plan on spending time in the water, choose a waterproof pair instead of cotton underwear.

You can choose lightweight briefs as your underwear if you're not planning on getting your board shorts wet. Micro-stretch briefs are much lighter than cotton, and will not feel uncomfortable when they get wet. Alternatively, you can also opt for traditional shorts, which often feature no lining at all. Regardless of your preference, many surfers prefer to wear something underneath their board shorts.

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