When Swimming, do You Breathe Through the Nose or the Mouth?

June 24, 2022 3 min read

Many swimmers do not realize that they can practice breathing through the mouth while in the water. By focusing on effective air exchange, swimmers can avoid the risks of hyperventilation and excessive head movement. When preparing for the pool, bobs are an effective way to practice effected air exchange. These devices allow swimmers to practice correct breathing through the mouth while underwater most of the time. The goal is to spend most of the time exhaling underwater, and only come up to breathe.


During swimming, do you breathe through your nose or mouth? It depends on the style of swimming. Most people breathe through the mouth when they are underwater, but this technique is not as effective. Inhaling is more efficient if you breathe through the nose, since your mouth is close to the surface. Then, during transitions, open your mouth slightly and exhale, so that your mouth is close to the water.

The difference between swimming with nose breathing and mouth breathing is that in swimming, your chest is surrounded by water, which is more humid than air, so the pressure on your chest is significantly higher. For that reason, your exhalation should be deeper than your inhalation. Also, it is important to breathe through your nose, because you should be able to hear it when you exhale. It may sound strange, but it will become second nature in time.

Breathe Out of the Nose

If you don't breathe out of the nose when swimming, you're bound to end up with water in your face and sand in your eye. And if your technique is rusty, it may be even trickier to breathe out of the nose! To overcome this issue, here are some tips. First, exhale slowly through your nose. You'll need to breathe out slowly and deeply to avoid getting water in your nose.

The next tip is to exhale deeply. Exhaling through the nose is easier than from the mouth, but it's more natural. To learn how to breathe out of the nose while swimming, start with the front crawl and gradually introduce it into your stroke. Make sure you breathe every three strokes until your head reaches its highest position. Then, repeat the process for the remainder of your hand movements. There are breathing suggestions for newcomers and they should understand the importance of breathing and its methods..

Breathe Out of the Mouth

If you want to be able to swim well, you should learn how to breathe out of the mouth. When swimming, you should avoid turning your head backwards while exhaling. Instead, you should turn your head slightly to the side when breathing, and then breathe out through the nose. This technique helps you keep your head upright and avoid injury. It's also easy to forget how to breathe when swimming.

You should focus on breathing out of the mouth rather than the nose when you're swimming. Exhalation lasts for 2 to 3 times longer than inhalation, and it propels your body forward. The key is to not breathe too quickly, as this will force you to catch your breath and make your body work harder. Exhale slowly and evenly, and the water will stay out of your mouth.

Breathe Form an Air Pocket

One way to breathe efficiently while swimming is to rotate your body. When you turn your body, you create a bow wave, and the water carries carbon dioxide through it. Holding your breath creates too much carbon dioxide, which causes discomfort and desperation to breathe. By refusing to exhale, you keep your chest too buoyant in the water. This is counterproductive to your swimming performance, and it can lead to neck pain if you're not rotating enough.

In order to avoid a cramping sensation in your neck, shoulders, or chest, breathe from an air pocket in your neck. This can be difficult to master, but it's worth it. To achieve a natural breathing pattern while swimming, try to hold a neutral head position and peek out one goggle. When your chin reaches the air, quickly inhale until your mouth breaks the surface. If you don't get any air during this exercise, stop and stand up.

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