The Best Water Skis for a Variety of Purposes

July 19, 2022 3 min read

There are several categories of water skis, from General-purpose to Slalom. Choosing the right one depends on the sport you're planning to pursue. You choose skis depending on what you're planning to do in water skiing. You can choose from General-purpose water skis, Slalom skis, and Trick skis. Listed below are some of the best water skis for a variety of purposes. Read on to find the perfect pair.

Slalom Skiing

Slalom skiing on water is a fun and exciting activity to do with friends. It involves a challenging course that involves one ski at a time and navigating the wakes of a boat while holding on to one side of the board. It is a challenging sport to master and requires practice. Water ski slalom can be achieved by the end of summer! Try this water ski sport today!

Slalom Skis

There are many types of slalom skis, each of which has its own unique design. Slalom skis differ in three important ways: Base Concave, Edge Bevel, and Stiffness. Base Concave refers to the shape of the bottom part of the ski. The third feature, Stiffness, refers to the overall stiffness of the ski.

Trick Skis

A pair of water skis has two basic shapes: the classic shape and the jump style. A classic ski is a single piece, whereas a trick ski has a pair of twin blades that are joined at the end. Jump skis may not have fins; however, they are usually a single piece with molded rails and grooves. Despite the name, both types of skis have the same function - to propel themselves through water while performing a series of tricks.

General-Purpose Skis

If you're looking for a set of water skis to take to the lake, you've come to the right place. General-purpose skis are made with good durability in mind. This sport has many benefits for your body. They'll keep you from sinking and will offer more locks and holds. Plus, the extra width will make skiing easier, as you'll sit higher in the water. There are a few other important things to consider when buying your next pair.

Dock Start

The dock start method for water skiing can be difficult for beginners. It involves holding onto a rope of five to ten feet. You should place yourself on the dock with your legs slightly bent, and the rope should go taut when you hit it. Once you're on the water, you should get into a standing position, keeping your legs bent and your head up. Next, you should grab the rope and wiggle down the dock.

Round-Edged Skis

Round-edged water skis are designed with a slightly flatter base than square-edged models. The extra width helps the ski sit lower on the water and allows the skier to make smoother turns without getting tired. Additionally, round-edged skis have more edge hold, which makes them more stable in turns. Here's a look at what makes these skis different from square-edged skis.
Square-edged skis

When choosing square-edged water skiing skis, make sure you choose ones that have the flex pattern that will accommodate your weight and type of skiing. Traditional slalom skis are more flexed than square-edged skis, but they are harder to get in and out of the water. Beginners should avoid using traditional slalom skis until you get more familiar with this type.

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