What Are the Restrictions of Surfing Competitions?

July 11, 2022 2 min read

What are the restrictions for surfing competitions? Here are a few things to remember: Ensure that the competition area is safe and no other surfing competitions are planned in the area, and no competitors are practicing in the surfline. This will disqualify the competitors and affect their standing. They will also be disqualified from the competition and may not participate in the next event.

Ensure Proper Permits Are Issued

In Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu requires the event promoter to secure a permit to conduct a surfing competition. This permits the event to access the beach during a holding period. During this time, contest directors can run heats when conditions are ideal and schedule the competition later, if conditions improve. In many cases, the City & County will suspend a surfing competition, but if conditions are bad, the organizers can schedule an event later.

Ensure No Surfers Interfere

To ensure that no surfers interfere in the surfing competition, the first thing a competitor must do is to remain prone. In surfing competitions, surfers return to the beach in a prone position after each heat. If a surfer interferes with another surfer, they may be penalized with an up-after-interference penalty. Surfers may stand up before the heat ends, but they can still finish their ride and receive a score. During a competition, judges sheets are available to competitors for review and must not be removed from the contest control area.

One way to ensure no surfers interfere in surfing competitions is to enforce a strict rule. All competitors must wear specific colors. If one surfer interferes with another surfer, the other surfer will not have the same color lycra. This makes it easier for judges to tell which competitors are from which teams. This rule applies to all WSL-sanctioned competitions. If you notice surfers interfering with each other during a competition, contact the event officials.

Ensure No Surfers Interfere During a Heat

As the ISA Head Judge, you have the power to decide which heats will be interrupted. If there is an interference between heats, you can either call the interruption separately or re-surf the entire event. In the case of an interference, the offending surfer will be penalized by losing one wave towards their heat score. If there are two simultaneous interruptions during the heat, then the head judge has the discretion to restart the event and award another wave.

The Surfer who is impeded will be allowed to surf an additional wave within a given time limit. This extra wave may be given to water security personnel, photographers, or other outside interference. However, if the Surfer receives two or more interferences, he must leave the Competition Area immediately. In this situation, the score for his first wave will be halved. If this happens again, the second wave will be halved.

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