What Do Surfers Put on Their Boards for Grip?

September 15, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to grip, there are many options available. RSPro offers the 'HexaTraction' and Ocean & Earth offers the 'Fish Traction'. Here are some tips for gripping your board.

RSPro's 'HexaTraction'

RSPro's HexaTraction is a revolutionary new approach to surfboard grip. It is temperature-independent, thin, and transparent, allowing you to keep direct contact with your board while surfing. The HexaTraction is also environmentally friendly and won't harm your skin.

HexaTraction is made from a material that doesn't absorb water and is 100% UV-protected. It is non-abrasive and won't scratch your surfboard's graphics, making it an excellent option for long-term use. HexaTraction is easily installed and doesn't interfere with board graphics. It is also lightweight, easy to apply, and doesn't degrade over time.

The HexaTraction kit includes 18 hexagons, four hexagon halves, and a star-shaped installation template. Each hexagon measures 16 cm in diameter and is made up of dozens of micro-hexagons. These hexagons provide the grip needed while surfing inside the water, and are non-toxic and lightweight. The kit includes a template for installation that makes it easy and guarantees a perfect fit.

HexaTraction is a waterproof, non-skid alternative to wax. It requires only a few minutes to apply and has a high adhesion. The HexaTraction kit is available in two sizes. One kit contains eighteen full hexagons and four half hexagons, which make the ideal grip for a shortboard or a Stand Up Paddleboard. After the HexaTraction is applied, it is important to clean the area using alcohol. It may be necessary to apply the product twice, to remove the old wax residue.

Ocean & Earth's 'Fish Traction'

The FCS Traction system of surfboards offers increased grip and comfort to your feet. This system keeps your foot connected to the board, allowing you to push hard against the fins for maximum speed. It's also easy to install and remove.

Ocean & Earth has been making quality surf hardware for over 35 years. Their recent 'ONE XT' leash is a perfect example of their commitment to innovation and design. The company's expertise in surf hardware is unmatched in the industry. Its products are designed by surfers, for surfers.

Another innovative product is the 'Fish Tail Pad' from Ocean & Earth. This tail pad is made from the softest EVA foam and uses 3M adhesive to attach it to your board. If you still wondering whether traction pad is necessary, check Fist Tail Pad. It separates into three pieces and measures 330mm long x 320mm wide. The pad's multi-directional grooves and low profile tail kick help you to hold your board securely.

Ocean & Earth's 'HexaTraction'

HexaTraction is a non-skid alternative to surfboard wax. It's water-resistant, is light, and installs easily using a template. HexaTraction also helps protect surfboards from UV exposure.

HexaTraction is a new product from Ocean & Earth. It provides maximum grip and durability without adding extra weight to your surfboard. It's made of high-quality EVA Schaumstoff and features a Diamond Grip Oberflache to provide good stand and a good kick. Despite its lightweight, translucent design, HexaTraction also doesn't cover the graphics of the surfboard.

HexaTraction is the latest in surfboard grip technology. Unlike traditional traction pads and waxes, HexaTraction is temperature-independent, non-abrasive, and translucent. It's also safe for your skin and won't damage your board's paint job.

Tail pads are another option. These pads can provide grip and are ideal for preventing slid-down while performing various tricks, such as duck dives and vertikale manovers. These pads really worth the money and are available for a range of prices from 30 EUR to 70 EUR.

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