What Do You Wear Under Your Rash Vest?

May 18, 2022 3 min read

What do you wear under your rash vest? There are a number of options, including sun shirts, yoga leggings and wetsuits. But what's the best choice for your skin type? Read on to find out more about these options and how to make a distinction between a wetsuit and a rash vest. In the meantime, take advantage of the UV protection rash vests provide and choose the one that is right for you!


A wetsuit can make all the difference between staying dry and getting severely wet. Some people have even sworn that a wetsuit is a necessary part of a crash vest. While this concept is not new, some people still cringe when they see it. There are a few ways to get around the issue, however. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best options.

First, you should ensure that your child wears a wetsuit that offers adequate coverage. If the water is chilly, consider purchasing a toddler wetsuit. These offer additional protection from floating nasties, sea lice, and abrasions. Another important consideration when shopping for a wetsuit for your toddler is the ease of use. Look for a suit with a front zipper, which can be opened with a little help. Even a back zipper can be used. If you're not sure, remember that the parent should help your child put on his/her wetsuit.

Rash Vests

What do Rash Vests do? Essentially, they are thin, water-resistant shirts made from quick-drying synthetic material. Whether you're surfing or playing in the sand, wearing one provides added protection from UV rays and abrasions. Those who spend time near or in the water should definitely invest in a Rash Vest. Read on to learn about the benefits of wearing one.

What are rash guards? Rash guards are very thin pieces of clothing that protect you from the sun and water. They can act as a second skin or commando for your body. They offer excellent protection and are comfortable enough to wear on their own. But what can you wear under a rash vest? Here are some things you should know:

Yoga Leggings

Wearing Yoga leggings under a rash-vest is an excellent way to protect your skin from sun damage while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of wearing a rash-vest. Because leggings are made of thinner material, they will not be soaked as quickly as other types of gear. In colder months, people may choose to wear clothes under their gear, such as a sweater or a jacket.

Sun Shirts

Sun shirts are a good option if you plan to stay out of the water. They are made of UPF-rated fabric that is comfortable and wicks away moisture. Sun shirts also tend to be a bit looser in the body than rash vests, which may be a better choice if you aren't particularly concerned about comfort. In addition, sun shirts are more breathable, making them an excellent choice during long days at the beach.

These shirts come in many styles and colors. Some of them are thin and have a looser fit than rash vests. Sun shirts are more like regular clothing, with chafe-free seams. They come in a variety of lengths and styles, and some are hooded or buttoned for comfort. They are an excellent option when you want to stay cool, but still look fashionable.

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