What Fabric Is Best for Beach Towels?

September 26, 2022 3 min read

There are several types of beach towels available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton beach towels are a great choice if you want to stay dry and comfortable. Cotton has many advantages, such as being a naturally breathable fabric. Its short strands can also help it absorb more water than longer ones. Lastly, it is made from a dense fiber, which means that it can withstand more wear and tear.

Long-Staple Cotton

To choose the right beach towel, you should look for long-staple cotton. Its long fibers produce a smooth, silky feel. Likewise, long-staple cotton is stronger and more durable than short-staple cotton. There are several different kinds of cotton, including Pima cotton, which is grown in the southwest of the United States and sold under the brand name "Supima". Long-staple cotton offers strength and great color retention, and is even certified organic by Gots, which stands for Global Organic Textile Standard.

Cotton beach towels are popular for their softness and absorbency. Towels made from cotton are available in several varieties, including Egyptian, Turkish, and Pima cotton. You can also opt for eco-friendly options such as bamboo or microfiber towels. Regardless of your style, cotton towels will keep you warm and dry on the beach all summer long.

Long-staple cotton is the most durable and absorbent material for beach towels. These towels also dry quickly. If you want a towel with a pattern, choose one that has been dyed with yarn.

Turkish Cotton

If you are looking for a good beach towel, Turkish cotton is a great choice. Turkish cotton is soft and durable, and it dries quickly. It also lasts longer than regular cotton. You can use a Turkish cotton towel over again, and they feel even better with repeated washings. You can find Turkish cotton beach towels in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large.

Turkish towels are also lightweight, easy to carry, and incredibly absorbent. They are perfect for the beach, travel, and even your everyday use. They are made from 100 percent Turkish cotton and are handwoven, making them natural and hypoallergenic. Plus, they are thicker than ordinary towels, making them more absorbent and durable.

To care for your Turkish towels, wash them regularly in cool water and hang them to dry. Turkish towels will become softer with repeated washings, but you must avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Instead, use wool dryer balls to make your towels dry faster. Avoid bleach, and use low heat while drying.


If you want a beach towel that keeps you dry and sand free, you'll want to look for the ones made of AbsorbLite fabric. These are made from polyester and polyamide microfibre, which absorbs water and dries fast. These towels are also known for their fun designs. Tesalate's Bohemian Towel is one of the first to incorporate this new technology. It features a double-sided construction and is 160 cm x 80 cm in size. It also comes with a free pouch.

When looking for beach towels, consider the weight of the fabric. If you're going to take the towel with you from the car to the beach, then it's a sensible idea to buy a thicker towel than if you're only taking it with you. However, if you're traveling on a budget, consider a thinner towel.

If you're on a budget, look for towels made of AbsorbLite fabric. Some of these are thinner and less bulky than others, so you'll want to make sure you get one that's both lightweight and compact.


Microfiber beach towels are extremely soft and durable, yet still feel light on your skin. They are also made of 100% recycled material and come in a variety of fun colors. These towels are also great value for the money. Microfiber beach towels also tend to be thinner than cotton beach towels, making them easy to fold and store in your travel case.

Microfiber beach towels are great for use on the beach because they dry quickly. When wet, a cotton towel can take hours or even days to dry. That can cause the towel to be damp for a long time, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Also, a wet towel can be a burden to carry home. In contrast, a microfiber towel can be placed in the sun for a few minutes and still be dry.

Microfiber beach towels are available in a variety of colors and designs. There are a few brands that produce high quality towels in unique designs. For example, Elite Trend sells a medium set of towels, which comes with a forty-inch x twenty-inch towel and a twenty-inch by thirty-inch towel. These towels are fast drying and absorbent, and they are lightweight, making them ideal for travel.

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