What Happens If You Don't Wax Your Surfboard?

July 16, 2022 5 min read

What happens if you don't wax your surfboard? The base coat of your board will be compromised, compromising the ability to grip the water. Without regular waxing, the two layers of wax will eventually blend with dirt in the water, no longer working as intended. The best way to prevent this is to regularly remove the old wax from your surfboard. Applying fresh wax will improve the grip on your board and help it last longer. If you're pressed for time, you can also make your own surfboard wax at home! Don't forget to read if traction pads are better than wax for surfboards.

Tip for Avoiding Waxing a Surfboard

While you may be tempted to apply a new layer of wax to your board, there is a better way to protect your existing finish. When applying wax to a surfboard, it's important to apply it with the proper techniques. Wax can get slippery and dirty, or it can come off in chunks for no apparent reason. To make the wax stick to your surfboard, you should spray it with water after application. See what you can use instead of surf wax.

When applying wax to your board, you need to be sure to use light pressure, and apply it in small circles. A small circular motion spreads the wax evenly. Don't use too much pressure, and you should see smooth bumps of wax on the surface, not big gobs. The wax should be applied to all sides of the board, not just the bottom. It will be easier to apply when the board is clean and dry.

Symptoms of Not Waxing a Surfboard

If you are not waxing your surfboard often, you should start by cleaning it. Wax doesn't have an expiration date if it is still in its packaging, but once applied, it will lose its luster and grip. If you see it becoming grey and clumpy, it is time to change the wax. Wax can melt off from too high a temperature, a low-quality wax, or too much sand and dirt on the board.

Before you begin waxing a surfboard, you need to understand the purpose of wax. Waxing a surfboard increases grip and prevents it from rubbing off. To begin, clean the board thoroughly and remove old wax with a flat end wax comb. A scrubbing pad or an old bank card can work well. Wipe the board surface to make sure the surface is clean and smooth. Next, apply the basecoat. Some people rub it in circular motions while others prefer a random pattern.

Ways to Get a Fresh Coat of Wax on a Surfboard

There are several methods for applying a fresh coat of wax on a board. For boards with pressure dings or nicks, the Mallard method is recommended. For new boards, you should apply a base coat that is made with fu wax ($5 for three, or $9 for five). Use a circular motion to apply the top coat, keeping the pressure light and applying it in small circles. Apply more wax to the area under the chest than the entire board, and try to avoid creating large gobs of wax.

To apply a basecoat wax, you will need a wax comb. It's important to use a wax comb to scrape off the old wax. You will be left with a tacky residue, so be sure to use mineral spirits or soft cloth to remove it. Once the old wax has been removed, apply a fresh coat of wax. You may also choose a basecoat wax, which you can apply over the surfboard area in cold water.

Using a Comb to Apply Surfboard Wax

A wax comb is not essential for applying surfboard wax, but it is a convenient way to remove excess wax. It is also a good idea to apply a new layer of surfboard wax before each session. Knowing how much surf wax to apply is critical to a positive surfing experience. Using too little or too much wax could make staying upright difficult or impossible. Beginners should start by following these simple steps.

Surf wax combs typically have two sides, which give the user a variety of gripping options. Those with multiple edges have better leverage when scraping the wax from the board. The surf wax comb that comes with a comb is a good choice for people who enjoy alternating between both hands. It's important to choose a surf wax comb that works best for you, not a company that has a better brand than another.

Using a Solvent to Clean a Surfboard

There are many different types of solvents for use to clean a surfboard. You must understand which ones are safe for your surfboard and which can have adverse effects. To clean your surfboard effectively, first use a solution of soap and water to thoroughly scrub the surface. Next, use a brush to scrub away the old wax. Finally, dry it thoroughly using a towel. Afterward, use a solvent, such as white spirit, to remove the remaining wax.

Surf wax is a substance that surfers apply to their surfboards to make them more slippery and smooth. It also protects them from damage. However, wax is often too hot and melts on the board, which can ruin the finish and make the board slippery, especially in wet conditions. If the wax is too hot, you should avoid it. It's also not safe to use a solvent on a surfboard that has been used for more than two years.

Putting Too Much Wax on a Surfboard

If you've accidentally put too much wax on your surfboard, don't fret. The removal process is actually quite simple. First, cover the floor with a piece of newspaper or a plastic bag. Avoid leaving the board out in hot weather, as wax can melt quickly. Once the board cools down, you can use a comb or a credit card to remove the remaining wax. It may take several minutes, but the wax residue will disappear in no time.

A common mistake that beginners make is putting too much wax on their board. This is usually caused by improper cleaning. If the board has been sitting in water for a while without being cleaned properly, the wax will begin to build up and will result in a less than ideal grip. If you don't follow the proper cleaning procedure, the excess wax can cause a variety of problems. You should also remember to clean your board after every session, since the amount of water it holds will affect its grip.

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