What Is the Best Size SUP for a Beginner?

July 23, 2022 3 min read

Before you choose a board, consider how much weight you'll be carrying. Beginners usually need a board that's around 300 pounds. That means you'll need a 30-35-inch board. Generally, the board thickness should be at least five inches, and the width should be around thirty inches. Heavier beginners may also benefit from a larger board. The following are tips to help you choose the right size.

Paddle Board Width Should Be in the 30-35-Inch Range

Depending on your weight and desired board length, you can choose any standard sized paddle board. If you are less than 200 pounds, a 30-inch-wide board will be enough. For those between 235 and 300 pounds, you need a paddle board that is at least 175L in volume. Larger boards have a wider range and are heavier, so choose a size that will accommodate your body weight.

The width of a paddle board is also important for beginner users. Beginners should look for a board with a width in the 30-35-inch range. When buying a paddle board, make sure to consider its durability. A hardboard is made of water-resistant hard foam. Paddle boards made from inflatable foam are more flexible. A hardboard is a better option for experienced paddlers.

The length and width of a paddle board are also important for beginners. Wide boards are more stable, whereas narrower boards can be faster. Beginners should stick with boards between 30-35 inches. For a beginner, a 30-inch board should be more than adequate. Beginners should avoid a 30-inch board unless they are very experienced. There are several other considerations when selecting a paddle board.

Paddle Board Thickness Should Be 5 Inches

Many people wonder what the optimal thickness for a paddle board is, but a good rule of thumb is five to six inches. Thick boards are more stable, but thinner boards are more maneuverable. Thinner boards are not recommended for people weighing over two hundred pounds. Paddle board thickness also impacts buoyancy, which is measured in cubic liters. The bigger the board, the heavier the rider should be.

SUP manufacturers tend to make their boards a little thicker in order to reduce manufacturing costs. They also avoid reinforcing techniques such as using steel rods to reinforce the board. Many of these companies use substandard construction in their marketing videos. In one, a heavy man jumps on a board supported by saw horses while others show them paddling - and you can see the result. This is not a good sign.

Another important factor in choosing a sup paddle board is the weight capacity. A board that doesn't have enough weight capacity will ride low in the water, cause more drag, and may sink under you. A board that has a higher weight capacity is better for touring, but it won't be as stable. If the board sinks or gets too heavy, it is impossible to paddle. Paddle boards that are too thin can sink in the water and make touring impossible.

Heavier Beginners May Benefit From a Wider Board

Depending on the weight of the surfer, a wider board will be better for heavier beginners. Wider boards will also provide extra stability when turning, which is important when surfing small waves. A narrower board, on the other hand, will reduce your weight when surfing. Narrow boards also have less buoyancy, so they can be difficult to catch when surfing in the "pocket area" of the wave. Heavier beginners may also benefit from a wider board, as this will provide more stability in difficult waves.

Although there are several advantages of a wide board, it's important to remember that it is less stable at high speeds than a shorter board. Also, a wider board will require more leg power for flips and tricks. However, the wider surface provides more space for catching the board, which is an advantage when landing tricks. A wide board will also allow you to land tricks without any problem.

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