What Should I Wear If I'm Short And Chubby?

May 17, 2022 3 min read

If you're short and chubby, you may be wondering what to wear to cover up the problem. If so, you are not alone. There are countless tips and tricks for achieving your ideal body shape - and we're here to help! Try avoiding horizontal patterns, chunky shoes, and oversized pants! Read on to discover how to dress your figure and make the most of your clothes.

Avoiding Clothes That Cling to Your Body

Shopping for a chubby short guy can be a tricky experience. If you choose clothing that is baggy and overpowering, you risk drawing attention to your weight and short stature. While it is tempting to grab the first thing that fits, you're better off wearing fitted, tailored clothing. This is because baggy clothing is not only not flattering to your frame, it will also hide your imperfections.

Avoiding Clothes With Horizontal Patterns

Vertical stripes and other vertical designs will make your body look taller. They are also effective in hiding your chubby waist, and help short women look slimmer. Horizontal stripes are the opposite of this effect, and are best avoided near your waist and neckline. For a flattering effect, wear dresses with layers or an A-line shape. Incorporate the rule of thirds into your wardrobe to make horizontal stripes and vertical designs work well for you.

Avoiding Chunky Shoes

If you're short and chunky, avoid wearing oversized, high heels and other types of low heeled shoes. These shoes can accentuate your thick calves while shortening your legs. Stick to chunky loafers or thong style sandals, which feature a strap between the big toe and second toe. Be sure to cover your feet with the hem of your pants to avoid the appearance of unsightly footwear. Chunky shoes with moderate heels can add height and make your legs appear longer, but they can also cause imbalance. If you have thick ankles and calves, you should avoid wedge heeled shoes.

Avoiding Pants That are Too Big

If you're short and chubby, wearing clothing that's too baggy on you can create an unflattering effect. Check your wardrobe to see what you can wear with what you have. If the clothes are too loose or too shapeless, try to tailor them so they fit and emphasize your curves. If you're short and chubby, avoid wearing heavy accessories with your outfit because they can make you look bulky and unflattering.

Avoiding Oversized Clothes

As we all know, clothes size plays a huge part in our overall appearance. Although oversized clothes can make us look sweet, they also make us shorter or chubbier and give the appearance of being ill-fitted. Rather than trying to hide our flaws with oversized clothes, a shorter or chubby person should focus on clothing that fits properly. For example, short men may not look good in a chest pocket on an Oxford shirt, but short shirts that fit at the waist line can make them appear taller. Cropped trousers and cropped shirts are in.

Avoiding Jeans That are Too Short

If you're short, finding the perfect pair of jeans can be difficult. Luckily, some specific brands offer cut-in leg lengths. If your legs are short, you can look for skinnier jeans that hug your figure. Mom jeans and relaxed girlfriend shapes are good options if you're looking for a slim-fitting casual style. Avoid super-baggy and wide-leg fits, as they can overwhelm your frame and make your legs look shorter.

Avoiding Clingy Clothes

Wearing vertical stripes on short or chubby women's clothes will make them look taller and slimmer. This kind of pattern will also exude smartness and professionalism. Alternatively, horizontal stripes will highlight your waist and bust, while diagonal stripes can hide the vertical stripes. The size of your clothes also plays a crucial role in your overall look.

Avoiding Too Many Layers

Whether you're short and chubby or average-sized, on the younger or on the older side, a balance of layers is key to your outfit. While layering can create the perfect look, too much can make you look huge and unmanly. The solution is balance, which means wearing a loose garment under a tight one, but never two. Layered tops can make your figure appear larger.

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