How Can I Look Stylish At 70?

May 17, 2022 4 min read

As you get older, volume becomes your friend. Don't be afraid of baggy shirts - they can still look great with a fitted tee or cami underneath. Evans' asymmetric shirt is particularly stylish, especially with its pastel pink color. It's also the perfect style for your birthday! Other 70+ celebrity style icons include Elaine Paige, Goldie Hawn, and Dame Helen Mirren.

Style Tips for Women in Their 70s

Fashion in the 70s doesn't have to be flashy and edgy. You can remain comfortable and look stylish while still looking younger. It is all about wearing the clothes that fit your figure. There are tips for plus-size style and tricks for making that younger looking appearance. Try wearing jewel-toned pieces that will compliment your skin tone and silhouette. Avoid sleeveless and cap-sleeved tops. Wear handbags to spice up your wardrobe. Look for structured styles with trendy details. These are some style tips for women in their 70s and beyond.

Embrace your personal style. Wear your favorite color and pattern, and add a signature piece to your look. Whether it is a scarf or a belt, a signature piece will transform your ordinary outfit into a stylish one. And remember that a trench coat doesn't have to be bulky to be stylish. Just pair it with a fitted tee or cami. There are many ways to mix and match whites, so don't be afraid to experiment!

Animal Prints

If you're wondering how to look stylish at 70 with animal prints, don't worry. There are many ways to style animal print accessories to add fun to your wardrobe. Be careful when choosing what to wear, because not all clothes are for everybody. Whether you are looking to jazz up your ensemble or to add a statement accessory, animal print accessories can help. A rare fashionista will wear more than one animal print. For this reason, stick to one print per outfit. Listed below are some tips for making this trend work for you.

Choose light fabrics for animal print pieces. Because the print is so hefty, a light fabric will help offset its heavy nature. Try balancing the outfit with a neutral colored coat. This way, the accessory isn't competing with the animal print. For an extra glam factor, wear a burgundy handbag and pumps to complete the look. Once you've chosen your animal print pieces, choose accessories to match your animal print pieces.

Pleated Skirts

If you want to look trendy and stylish at 70, you need to know how to wear pleated skirts. The pleated skirt is one of the most magical skirts, and it flatters all shapes and sizes, including plump ones. The soft curves and irregular designs add a delicate feel to the look. You can look just as chic at 70 as you did at 20! Here are a few style tips to help you pull off the pleated skirt this season.

Paired with a striped shirt, plaid pleated skirts can work perfectly for a casual Friday night out. A striped blouse with a navy pleated skirt is classic and chic. You can also pair a plaid pleated skirt with dainty twisted hoop earrings. If you are unsure of the style of your pleated skirt, you can always wear a simple pair of boots.

Halter Tops

The 1970s fashion movement made halter tops popular with women. The tops often featured frills and a high neckline. Halter tops are a versatile style that can compliment the hips, waist, and chest area. You can wear a halter top with shorts, skirts, jeans, or slacks. Whether you are looking to look stylish at 70 or just want to look your best, you can find one in a variety of colors and patterns that complement your body type. Try to avoid clothes that do not compliment your figure.

While '70s fashion is typically associated with high shine, disco designs, and a sexy attitude, you can find a contemporary spin on the era by wearing a halter top. The same style can be found in the wardrobe of Harry Potter. Megan Thee Stallion's '70s-inspired ensemble at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards was another example of this trend. Halter tops have made a comeback. These tops feature a string tie or neck detail. Cher's '70s-inspired outfit would look perfect in 2021, too.


One of the key elements in looking stylish at 70 is to add a dash of bling to your wardrobe. Sequins are a bold style that can be intimidating for some women, but they can also add a touch of personality to your outfit. Sequins can be added to clothing in subtle ways, such as around the neckline of a blouse. You can pair this type of clothing with subdued colors to keep the look fresh and stylish.

A sequined skirt is a great way to add glam to your evening outfit. Wear a sequined midi skirt in a multi-colour shade to create an hourglass figure. Add a chunky necklace and high heels to complete the look. You can also wear a camel coat to dress it up a bit. You can wear your sequined skirt with a contrasting blazer or coat.

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