What Should You Not Wear If You Are Plus Size?

May 17, 2022 3 min read

Here are some things that plus size women should avoid wearing. These items include baggy tops, side-slit skirts, and clothes with small, tiny prints. Also, avoid wearing crop tops, halter tops, and dresses with a defined waist. You also need to avoid wearing short, sleeveless tops, which will make you look like a walking circus.

Avoiding Baggy, Shapeless Clothing

Shapeless clothing looks bulky and hides your body. Instead, wear clothing that fits your body, not clings to it. Generally, plus-size surf style and clothing is fitted, not skin tight. It also accentuates your curves, minimizing any clings or creases. In addition, avoid baggy clothing altogether to achieve a slimmer and sexier silhouette.

While some clothes may be more flattering than others, they can end up looking sloppy and frumpy. To avoid this, you can layer different pieces. For example, a loose kimono should be paired with a fitted tank top underneath. Another example is a loose top layered under a fitted blazer or a tank top. Avoid shapeless jackets because they tend to hide curves and make your body look like a rectangle. Instead, opt for a belted trench coat that can conceal your waist and butt and create an hourglass figure.

Avoiding Small and Tiny Prints

Avoiding tiny and small prints when you are plus size is just as important as avoiding revealing pieces. Despite the fact that tiny prints make you look smaller than you actually are, they can actually make you look larger. You should wear clothing that fits your size, especially plus-size clothing. Whether you are petite or plus-size, make sure to choose clothes that fit well. By following these tips, you can avoid tiny prints and small prints that make you look smaller than you actually are.

Patterns can play a vital role in your style, so choose patterns that are proportional to your body size. For example, if you are petite, you should avoid small and tiny prints. They make you look larger and don't flatter your figure. However, if you are plus-size, you can wear tiny prints and vertical stripes, which are both slimming and create an illusion of height.

Avoiding Dresses With a Defined Waist

Although it is difficult to avoid the "definable waist" trend when shopping for clothes, there are some universally flattering styles. For example, ruching can hide tummy fat. For a more dramatic effect, try wearing a belt with your dress. Plus size clothing typically has ruching on the midsection, which will make you appear slimmer and eliminate the "definitive waist" look.

The shape of your bust is important, so avoid wearing clothes that are too wide at the bust. A broader bust is often accompanied by wider hips. A broader bust can make it appear narrower. High necklines are also bad for plus-size women. If you're worried about your bust, wear a bra that supports it. Also, opt for a V-neckline top or a slender-fitting dress.

Avoiding Crop Tops

Crop tops are not the only fashion statement that plus size women can avoid.  This type of figure should not wear crop tops that are too short. In addition, bright colors, frill-sleeves, and deep V-necklines will draw attention up, while bold jewelry will draw attention away from their tummy. All women can look great and stylish if they adjust the wardrobe to their figure. And even if you are over 60 years old, you can still look vibrant by following these guidelines.

Plus-size women who don't want to show their tummy should wear high-waisted pants with their crop top. A high-waisted pant covers the belly button and most of the abdomen. Wearing a crop top with high-waisted pants will cover your belly and make you appear longer. Crop tops that are too low-cut will also make you look larger than you are.

Avoiding Sleeveless Tops

If you're a plus size woman, avoid sleeveless tops, unless you absolutely love your arms! Sleeves help hide nips and a long line in the middle of your body. In addition, you can hide an overly-large armhole with a strapless dress. Sleeveless tops are particularly flattering if they're worn at the front.

If you're worried about exposing your arms, avoid sleeveless tops with cap sleeves. The cap-sleeved style hits soft arms at the wrong spot and ends in a wide part of the arm. Sleeveless tops with cut-outs or racerback necklines can help you look sexier, while those with scooped-out armholes can emphasize extra skin on your arms.

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