Where Can I Buy a Custom Scuba Dive Knife?

September 24, 2022 3 min read

Before you go out and buy a custom-made knife, make sure you know what it is you are looking for. There are so many different options out there, from Benchmade to Spyderco. You want a knife that will give you maximum comfort, but that also will do its job. It should feel heavy and aggressive without being too flimsy. It should fit your hand comfortably. If you're not sure why divers carry knives, read more from us to find out.


The Benchmade Scuba Dive Knife is a high-end, American-made Scuba knife. Originally designed for use in an elite military program, it is designed and manufactured in the United States. The blade is made of Austrian steel and has a sturdy, compact design. Its blade is 4 1/4 inches and has a strong, serrated side for easy fish killing.

This knife features a generous 4-inch blade and deep notches on its serrated edge. The serrated edge is effective at cutting both hollow poly and manila test lines. The knife is molded to a handle with finger grooves for a secure grip. Despite its lightweight materials, this knife is highly durable and retains its edge well.


Whether you dive for fun or for work, a Kershaw Custom Scuba Dive Knife is an essential tool. The knife's corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade is ideal for chopping and cutting fish and other marine life. Its unique skeleton handle design makes it lightweight while providing a comfortable grip. Its blade is sharpened on both sides for a fine edge. This knife comes with a custom sheath and includes depth-compensating leg straps for secure carry.

Divers can use a dive knife to free trapped fish and marine mammals. The knife can also be used to anchor a diver to the sea bed. This is especially useful in kelp forests where sea kelp may be present.


The Fox Custom Scuba Dive Knife is designed for recreational divers and is made from high-quality, mirror polished stainless steel. It measures approximately 8" in length with a 4" blade and features a finger grip for comfort and a lanyard hole. This knife fits easily into a yellow and black Kydex sheath with rubber leg straps.

The knife has a tanto tip, which is a mix of pointed and blunt. The tanto tip has a blunt spot near the tip, making it an ideal knife for chopping or slicing. The blade material also plays an important role in the knife's durability. The most common material for a dive knife is steel, but titanium is also an excellent choice. Stainless steel will rust more slowly than plain steel, but requires proper maintenance. Rinse the knife thoroughly after every dive and allow it to dry outside of the sheath. If necessary, silicone can be used to treat the blade to make it more resistant to rust.


The Spyderco Custom Scuba Dive Knife features a rugged construction and corrosion-resistant blade. The stainless-steel blade is 3.8 inches long and can be opened and closed with one hand. Its handle is fiberglass-reinforced and textured for a comfortable grip.

The blade is made from H-1 stainless steel with a serrated edge. It also features a full-curve belly that produces effective slicing cuts. The blade is rust-free and features a stainless-steel end-cap with a hammer notch. It also comes with a sheath with a locking tab and backup safety slide. It is also fitted with rubber straps to help you keep it on your leg.

Ocean Master

There are several factors to consider before ordering an Ocean Master custom dive knife. One of the most important factors is quality. Ocean Master builds all of their knives with very high standards and maintains their manufacturing facilities in the United States. These knives feature hand-sharpened edges and are not produced by cheap Chinese manufacturers. They also feature a unique design.

Another important factor to consider is the material used. Titanium offers a high level of durability and abrasion resistance. The blades are made from a custom-formulated titanium that will not rust or lose its edge easily. These knives are also ultra-sharp. Dive knives have many advantages, but let's learn more about their disadvantages.


Victory Custom Scuba Dive Knifes are crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, providing a high level of corrosion resistance and durability. The knife's blade tang is secure with a locking piece to prevent metal-to-metal contact. This makes it safe to handle even in wet conditions.

Its blade is a 16-cm serrated blade that is very sharp and durable. Its molded handle design gives it excellent grip even when wet. It also comes with a custom-made sheath, allowing you to carry it without worrying about losing it.

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