Which Kiteboarding Kites Are Low-Cost?

July 19, 2022 1 min read

As a beginner, you can't be sure if kitesurfing is the right thing for you, kitesurfing costs can be huge and you may want to try out a low-cost kite. Here are a few options you can try out:


The upcoming merger of 'Xcite' and 'Versus Systems' will make a company with similar technology even better. The two companies have merged for a value of $19 million, including some cash and Versus stock. Clark Hill attorneys played an integral role in the transaction. With this move, Xcite will have access to Versus Systems' rewards platform and will be able to offer more incentives to its users.

DevelopmentNow developed a native mobile experience that served both English and Arabic users. The app featured unique language settings and a full right-to-left UI paradigm. The directional nature of text made this project particularly challenging. Kitesurfing can be very expensive and this app gives some alternatives for it. The app was successful for the company, with X-cite topping app charts and winning multiple awards. The app also received acclaim for its localized language settings.

Moreover, XCite Instructional Designers support all UCR instructors with the development of their course materials. They can help instructors create supplemental lecture recordings, redesign learning activities, and develop new courses for maximum impact. With this expertise, the company has recently received the Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching award, recognizing its contributions to digital learning. This recognition was a testament to the effectiveness of its pedagogical and technological innovations.

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