Why Is Kitesurfing So Expensive?

July 19, 2022 3 min read

If you are thinking about trying out kitesurfing, you should know that equipment is expensive. Here are some ways to get the best value for your money. Wetsuits are one of the most expensive items to purchase, but wetsuits are not the only cost. There are other costs as well, such as signaling devices. The cost of these items will depend on the type and model you choose.


You can go for a long/short john wetsuit, or a standard one, depending on your needs. These suits are especially popular with sailors because they give you enough freedom of movement while still providing enough protection to keep you warm. In addition, they have short legs and are a good choice when you are only going out to the beach for a short session. And because they are expensive, they also make an excellent gift for kitesurfers!

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a wetsuit is fit. A new one is difficult to get out of, but it will loosen up with use. Over time, it will become too big or too small. The wetsuit will become worn out due to UV exposure and rips from diving knives or board fins. So it is important to buy a suit that fits properly and will last the longest between two milestones. There are many different materials and thicknesses of wetsuits.

Wetsuits vary in price. The more expensive ones are generally higher quality. High-end wetsuits tend to be more flexible and allow for greater range of motion. They also tend to have perforated draining ports for your ankles, which prevents water from pooling around them. If you plan on buying a kitesurfing wetsuit, it's important to consider the cost and fit before making your purchase.

Signaling Devices

You've probably wondered why kitesurfing is so expensive. The answer is simple: it's because signaling devices are so expensive. Signaling devices can be as simple as a whistle on a knife or a retro-reflective tape on a helmet. Others carry a mobile phone and a two-way radio in a waterproof pouch. There's also a tiny Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon that can be activated to send a distress signal.

Kiteboarding costs can be kept low by using signals and other devices. The wind window of a kite is about 120 degrees. This narrows the wind window and limits kite power. By increasing the wind window, the kite is less likely to go over the edge. Signaling devices help you control the wind speed. If you want to make the most of your wind window, drive your kite low to skim water near the edge of the wind window.

The lack of downwind buffer distance contributes to accidents. Kitesurfing enthusiasts need to have a safe distance to react. Inappropriate locations, near fixed objects, or near other kiters can be dangerous. The same holds true for collisions with other kiters or watercraft. Signaling devices are essential for safety, as they prevent accidents from occurring. So, why are they so expensive?

Cost of Equipment

While kitesurfing can be affordable for beginners, the cost of a wetsuit, helmet, and harness can add up quickly. These items will cost anywhere from $600 to over $1,000. While wetsuits are indestructible, drysuits are more fragile and can break. If you plan to kitesurf during colder months, you should purchase a drysuit. However, if you intend to go barefoot, you'll need to invest in some winter gear to keep yourself warm.

Another important piece of kitesurfing equipment is the control bar. It connects the kite to the rider. An older control bar may not have a full safety system, and the safety line might not be long enough to cut off the power of the kite. Newer bars have three safety systems. The first one fully flags out when the kite reaches the rider. The second one is shorter, but it's still necessary to have a safety line.

The cost of kitesurfing equipment varies greatly depending on the type of kite you choose. A good kite can run you about $1500, and it may take you a month or two to learn how to fly one. If you're just starting out, you can purchase a starter kit for around $1500, which includes the kite, harness, and board. Eventually, you'll need to invest in additional equipment, such as a board, harness, and fins.

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