UP SURF Surfboard Wax

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UP SURF Surfboard Wax is designed to enhance your experience in the water, particularly if you’re surfing in cold water (below 14 degrees). Surfboard wax is used to help you stick to your board while surfing. A good wax creates bumps, which give your feet something to grip to. There’s no point buying warm-water wax if you’re swimming in cold water (and vice versa), as the wax won’t do its job properly. See our online wax collection from Cheap Surf Gear and choose the right one for you. 

Features of UP SURF Surfboard Wax

  • Ideal for Catching Waves in Cold Water

    Surfing in water with a temperature below 14 degrees? Then this is the wax for you.
  • Well-Made

    A poorly made wax will only result in a poor surfing experience. This wax is well-made, setting you up for a great surf every time.
  • Comes With a Wax Comb

    One of the best things about this surf  wax? It comes with a double-edged wax comb, used to create textured grooves to improve traction, or scrape off excess wax.

Applicable People: Unisex
Type: Surfboards
Outdoor Activity: SURF,Paddling
Model Number: surf wax

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