Can Board Shorts Get Wet?

May 31, 2022 3 min read

Boardshorts can get wet, but you can wear lightweight underwear to stay dry. This type of clothing doesn't absorb water and feels comfortable, even when wet. You might want extra support before you hit the waves, or just want to relax afterward. Tasc performance offers expert advice on this topic. Read on to find out more. Here are a few examples of suitable underwear for surfing:

Compression Shorts

While you're in the water, you're probably wondering - CAN compression shorts get wet? Compression shorts aren't made to stand up to chlorine, but they are made to wick moisture away from the body. They're not constricting, but tight enough to feel the compression without being uncomfortable. Whether or not you wear compression shorts while swimming is up to you, but most swim trunks are water resistant and will last through the chlorine.

Compression wear helps you recover faster from physical activity by increasing blood flow to your muscles. It also speeds up the process of returning oxygen-rich blood back to the heart, which means less time recuperation after a workout. However, if you swim or do a lot of water sports, compression shorts aren't designed for this. Chlorine can damage the stitching, making them ineffective for swimming.

Cotton Boxers

If you're prone to sweating, cotton boxers are not the best choice. While they will dry quickly, cotton is too absorbing for hot weather and can become a nuisance in the summer months. In addition to cotton, synthetic fibres such as modal or a blend of cotton and polyester also have a dampening effect on the groin area. Choosing a boxer brief made of moisture-wicking fabric is a better choice for those who tend to perspire a lot.

Loose-fitting boxer shorts have limited appeal among Deadgoodundies customers. They make up only a small portion of overall sales. These boxer shorts are primarily worn while sleeping and lounging around the house. Loose-fitting boxers are also popular with men who like to 'hang out.' However, these boxer shorts tend to bunch up underneath other clothes and expose more than intended. These shorts also provide minimal support.


Many people wonder if they can wear board shorts while swimming. While the answer is yes, it depends on how much you plan on getting wet. If you plan to swim for longer than a few minutes, you can wear boxers underneath. This will give you extra support while surfing, but boxers might not feel so comfortable after getting wet. If you plan to wear a pair of board shorts while swimming, check for a liner or a material that can absorb water.

When buying board shorts, consider the material and fit. Some materials are made of higher-end performance materials while others are designed for general use. You can find a high-end performance short made of nylon for swimming, but for surfing, you may need a more economical, more comfortable option. Also, think about the inseam length. The inseam length should be between 18 and 20 inches.


The answer to the question "can board shorts get wet" is yes. Boardshorts are made of 79% polyamide and 21% elastane. They are lightweight and don't come with a waistband or a branded logo. These shorts are also not available in multipacks, so you have to buy them individually. Because you will be active at the beach, you should look for shorts with enough support for your balls and underwear to keep your sweat contained.

Some models don't come with a liner. These are typically made of water-repellent and stretchable material. Liner-free shorts are often waterproof and liner-free. However, if you're surfing, you should wear underwear. This will keep you from chafing. You can also look for hybrid shorts, which have no liners at all.

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