How to Bound When Wakesurfing

August 16, 2022 3 min read

The first step in learning how to board when wakesurfing is getting on the water. This is done by bending your knees and turning yourself into the wake. Then, you'll need to get moving at a speed of about 2 mph. Once you've gotten to the wake, point your board in the direction you want to go. As you continue to turn, you'll find it easier to balance on your board.

Getting Up on a

Before you jump onto the water, you need to know the basics of getting up on a wakesurfing board. The first step to getting up on a board is to remember your posture. Some people argue that women and men wakesurf differently. Neverthless, you should follow the same rules, like standing with your back straight and not slouched over at the waist. Try pushing forward to check your posture. To keep from yanking off the board, have someone hold the rope to reduce the slack in the line. Make sure you protect your feet when wakesurfing.


How to bound is crucial to getting started with wakesurfing. This activity is very physical, so it is imperative to wear an impact vest. Once you have learned how to stand while being pulled up on a wakeboard, you can naturally adjust your stance. If you've never done it before, you might think that you need to spend a few days learning how to do it. Thankfully, it's not as difficult as it sounds.


If you've never been wakesurfing, it might seem like an intimidating sport. It is, however, an extremely fun sport that requires control and balance. Here's a quick guide to getting started. First, you must be seated on the wake of a boat. Your feet should be shoulder width apart, and the tow rope should be between them at the center of your board. Push your heels up to the center of your board, and signal the driver to pull you up.

Weighted Boat

When you're riding a wakeboard, it's important to have a properly weighted boat, because waves can quickly change direction and create an unnaturally high center of gravity. A proper weighted boat will keep the board deep in the water, and allow the hull to displace water efficiently. Many new wake boats are built with a built-in weighted ballast tank.

Adjusting Your Stance

The first step in learning to wakesurf is determining the correct stance. Some wakesurfers find that they can surf better with their feet planted farther back than their heads. Others find that they need to push their heels out further than they should and thus end up wiping out. Regardless of the reason for adjusting your stance, it is important to keep a balance between the front and back feet.
Getting up on a boat wave

When you're starting out, a common question is "How do I get up on a boat wave?" It's simple to do, but it can be tricky to get up on a wave as fast as the water moves. First, sit in the water with your feet forward and your chest facing out. Use your core to keep your balance, and place your heels on the board. Then, grab the rope between your knees with both hands. Give the driver of the boat a thumbs up, and let them pull you up.

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