Is There a Difference Between Women's Wakesurfing and Men's Wakesurfing?

August 16, 2022 3 min read

As you decided between wakesurfing and wakeskating, you may wonder the difference between men's and women's wakesurfing. Among other things, women's wakesurfing is more fluid than men's. Women describe the board's movement as fluid and less immediate than that of men. Board size is based on the surfer's weight and the volume of the board. Open men's division competitors include Yeui Yup Jung, Sang Han Jung, Lim Hyunwoo, and Seung-Hoon Choi.

Surf Style Wakesurfers Describe the Board Movement as More Fluid and Less Immediate

While there are a few major differences between surf and skim style wakeboards, both have a similar core and can be used for similar purposes. Surf style boards tend to be thicker, with a lot of extra buoyancy. This provides a boost in speed as it stays floating on top of the wave. Skim style wakeboards have cons and are much thinner and tend to bite into the wave, resulting in a less immediate and fluid board movement. A thin board provides maneuverability but trades speed for lighter weight.

Those with more advanced skills should look at surfing as a more advanced sport. This sport demonstrates control of a board under difficult conditions, as it's more likely to require precise balance and coordination. Advanced skills include riding a break curl and performing 360-degree stunts. In addition, there are more advanced techniques available such as progression of air, which requires the surfer to propel themselves off a wave.

Board Size Based on Weight of Surfer

Selecting the correct surfboard size depends on your weight, experience, and skill level. However, the size of your board is also influenced by other factors, such as the shape of the water and your fitness level. The size of your surfboard also determines its overall height, so if you're heavier than average, you should consider a larger board. In addition, a bigger surfboard is more stable and allows you to generate more paddle power. You should also know the basic characteristics of surfboards, such as their width, length, and thickness.

The foil of a surfboard refers to the density of foam from the nose to the tail of the board. Surfboards with thinner noses are easier to turn, but they tend to dig in and sink into the face of the wave. The thickest part of a surfboard is typically at the midsection, so a heavy surfer should opt for a thicker board. However, a thick midsection may not be ideal for someone who is smaller than them.

Board Shape Based on Volume of Board

The board's volume determines its buoyancy, which helps it stay afloat and keep the rider in the water. The larger the volume, the more buoyancy the rider will experience and the longer the rider's board is, the better. A longer board will help the rider stand up out of the water and stay in the wake when they are learning to surf without a rope.

A long, narrow wakeboard is easier to control for beginners, while a longer, wider board is more responsive for advanced riders. The length of the board is also important for women's wake surfing. A long board is the best choice for beginners, as it is easier to turn. Depending on the type of wake you're riding, you can choose between a skim, surf, or hybrid board.

Origin of the Sport

When the sport of wake surfing first began, it was nothing more than riding surfboards behind boats. However, surfers need to learn how to bound when wakesurfing. It grew in popularity, and the watercraft industry made the boards larger. This led to the rise of the sport known as wakesurfing. A pioneer of the sport was Alfonso Corona, who holds the first patent for a wakesurf design. Since then, many women have competed in the sport and become world champions.

When she was 10, Grace was introduced to the sport by her father, who bought her a boat on a whim. Soon after, she was hooked. Her father taught her the sport and soon, they purchased a houseboat to spend every summer on the water. The sport took off from there. Soon, she was taking first place in competitions and finding her niche. Her passion for wake surfing grew even more.

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