What Do Pro Surfers Wear?

July 15, 2022 3 min read

When it comes to surfing, what do pro surfers wear? Generally speaking, they wear wicking polyester sports shirts that wick moisture. Pro surfers also use board wax and wicking polyester sports shirts. When they aren't surfing, you'll probably spot a beach babe - a young woman who appears at beaches unaware of the local sights and sounds. You can also spot them talking with their hands.


The brand name Quiksilver is synonymous with surfing and the youth fashion it has created. The company's success started in Australia, where the founder, Alan Green, had an idea to make boardshorts for surfers. He tried selling them in Torquay, Australia, and soon discovered that surfers liked them. From there, the brand grew into one of the world's largest surf companies, with $2.2 billion in net revenues in 2008.

Quiksilver has been associated with surfing for decades. The legendary surfer Kelly Slater wore Quiksilver for 23 years, winning 11 world titles under the brand's logo. In April 2014, he announced his decision to leave the company and start his own surf wear label. He explains the reasons behind his decision. Quiksilver has made great contributions to women's surfing through Roxy, and the brand's partnership with Roxy led to the creation of Stephanie Gilmore.


If you're looking for the perfect surf board, or a quality pair of shorts to surf in, look no further than Billabong. This brand was founded in 1973 in Australia and is the largest surf company in the world. In the early years, Billabong focused mainly on making swimsuits for surfers, but soon expanded into surfing-inspired clothing, skateboards, and accessories. In the 1980s, the company expanded into the United States and New Zealand markets, and in 1990, Billabong branched out into the world of skateboarding and snowboarding, too. Later, the company expanded its catalog to include apparel for other sliding sports. In the early 2000s, Billabong completed an initial public offering in Australia and expanded to other regions, including Europe and South Africa.

In 2013, Billabong revealed a stunning earnings decline across its core business markets. In December 2013, Billabong reported losses of A$536.6 million, its worst half-year since 2002. This resulted in the label being rendered worthless by late August. In 2013, the company's brands were valued at a combined A$90 million, a loss of 13.5% of its total global sales.


The Vissla brand of surfing apparel is a blend of fashion and function. Their board shorts, wetsuits, and men's apparel are stylish and functional, made from environmentally friendly neoprene and upcycled coconut fabrics. The goal is to protect surfers and produce quality surf gear for discerning wave riders. Founded in Oceanside, California, Vissla's team includes Cam Richards, Cliff Kapono, Thomas Campbell, Noa Mizuno, and more.

The brand also sponsors numerous grassroots programs, including a bodysurfing contest. This summer, Point Panic is presenting the 'Point Panic Bodysurfing Challenge' with its new limited-edition surf t-shirts. In addition to its support of pro surfers, Vissla is also actively involved in sustainable fashion, upcycling plastic bottles and coconut husk into new apparel and supporting artists like Hayden Cox and DaFin.


For men, the Outerknown collection includes t-shirts, knits, jackets, and chinos in muted colors. The brand also partners with popular men's apparel distributor Mr Porter to design Californian winter t-shirts. Its products are crafted with environmental care and the ethical treatment of workers is a priority. Outerknown's commitment to ethical production and conscious manufacturing practices has made the company a sustainable brand.

Outerknown was founded by pro surfer Kelly Slater and is made from organic, recycled, and regenerated fabrics. These environmentally friendly products are loved by both wave riders and everyday surfers. They also champion fair labor practices and plan to be fully circular by 2030. Their website displays a complete list of suppliers. Outerknown also sells pre-loved clothing. Outerknown is a fantastic choice for fashion conscious surfers.


Founded in 1958, Sundek is a California-based company that makes quality swimsuits. Originally designed for surfing, the swimsuits feature thick nylon fabric and Velcro closure. They have become a must-have for many surfers, and they not only dress the best surfers, but make a splash on the beach. Read on to discover the history of Sundek swimwear and see why the brand is so beloved among surfers.

The first Sundek surf trunks were revolutionary, introducing a flat waistband and short legs. Made of 100% quick-dry nylon, they provided dual functionality: surf shorts and walk shorts. As the first surf trunks, the Sundek design is a must-have for any aspiring surfer. While Sundek was initially a niche brand, they have exploded in popularity.

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