What Is the Best Certification for Freediving?

August 18, 2022 3 min read

So you've decided to take up freediving as a sport. But how do you decide what certification to get? We will talk about PADI, NAUI, Molchanovs, and PFI. Which of these is the best option for you? If you have no idea, read on for more information. Listed below are the pros and cons of each certification. There are also links to more detailed information about each course.


PADI is the most popular freediving certification and is offered by a number of reputable schools worldwide. Freediving certification is similar to scuba diving, but the latter focuses on the body and its use underwater. The course is also designed to improve a diver's behavior underwater, which translates to being able to dive deeper and for longer periods of time. Here are some reasons why PADI is the best certification for freediving:

PADI offers several courses, including the PADI Freediver course, which is performance-based and can be customized to suit a student's pace. To help students study at their own pace, PADI offers an interactive tablet-based app, PADI Freediver TouchTM. This app includes an overall Knowledge Review, an Exam, and three practical sessions in the water. The PADI course takes approximately six months to complete.


Among freediving certifications, NAUI is a good option. The non-profit association is the oldest and most popular in the United States. However, the organization is not well-known outside the United States. While all good dive centers will accept a NAUI certification, they are a bit harder to find abroad. Both organizations are similar in their history and certification levels, but have some key differences.

The training standards offered by NAUI are cutting-edge and very safe. The organization is also dedicated to quality instruction and ensures students are taught by highly qualified instructors. As a certified instructor, you will receive excellent freediving instruction from NAUI instructors. NAUI instructors have gone through extensive training to ensure they are providing the best instruction to students. That means that NAUI certified instructors are trained to the highest standards.


Freediving is an extremely popular sport, and many people are unsure whether or not to pursue a PFI certification. There are many reasons for this, including safety concerns and a need for a recognized certification. In addition to a more formal education, the PFI certification will also allow you to dive to a particular depth. It should also have standards for instructors. While there are rogue instructors out there, the major agencies are much more stringent.

There are several benefits to earning a PFI certification, but one of the most obvious is the benefits. Despite being a prestigious organization, it has a wide variety of courses to choose from, including freediving and breath-hold survival. These courses can range from introductory to professional freediving and instructor level, and can be found all over the world. There are courses available for every skill level and for every budget.


The Molchanovs Freediving Certification Program was designed by world record-holder Natalia Molchanova, who held 42 freediving world records. The program teaches freediving basics and the water skills required to compete in the sport. It includes four levels of open water courses, including the renowned Molchanovs Freediving Master course. The system also offers Lap courses, which cover the same theory as Wave courses, but do not involve open water depth sessions.

Those who have completed a Molchanovs freediving certification can begin a career in the sport by teaching other students. There are online mental exercise and relaxation programs that can be accessed through the base training program. In addition to this, there is no other freediving training system that requires freedivers to use fins. It is the purest form of freediving. You can even become an instructor trainer and help other people learn the sport.

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